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"No Pain, No Gain" Scenario
Hello again from Barcelona.

I've been busy these days, but here we go again:
[Image: 65129350.gif]

A is an exercise bike

B is keyboard under the exercise bike. Best explained latter.

C is an Arduino Board with a servomotor connected. When it works, the servomotor presses an switch that turns K on.
The Arduino Board also rules object J. Best explained latter.

D is a computer running the "Selfbondage Fitness Unpersonal Trainer".I will release the program this week.

E Restrains for your hands and neck to keep you in place and force you to be on the bike.

F is big TV used as monitor of the computer. The best way of playing this scenario is on the living room in front of the TV (anyone said WiiFit Bondage edition?)

G is your key to freedom. Out of reach, of course. It can be released with the same computer that runs the "Fitness Unpersonal Trainer" or ,as second release method, you can use another computer runing the Selfbondage CD Tray Opener Simple Version.

H is a headset. Use it even if you are gagged. Just put the microphone next to the nose, in a way that if you breathe strongly it will activate the sound sensor of the "Fitness Unpersonal Trainer"

I are restrains that keep you sitted on your place, so when K object is "working" Big Grin you get the entire punishment.

J can be a teasing device (electric buttplug) or a pleasure object (a vibrator). Anyway, secured inside of you with a chastity belt. If you choose the teasing it will be activated by the "Fitness Unpersonal Trainer" using the Arduino board when you don't make your exercise. If you choose the vibrator it will be activated by the program as a reward when you finish the session.

K a home made spanking (or whipping) machine. Best explained latter

Needless to say that the feet must e tied to the pedals...
To make the scenario more interesting:
[Image: weigh.jpg]

N are nipple clamps, the ones that the more you pull, the more they strenghs

O some weigh.Think that you're going to be forced to make exercise, with a lot of movement, so this weigh is going to be moving a lot and pulling your nipples. The longer the chain, the more that this weigh will move.

To make your homemade spanking machine:
[Image: paddleh.jpg]

K is a drill. One of those you can choose the rotation speed.

P is an Allen Key (is that right in English??).

M is a paddle. Leather one. Can be homemade, of course.

Q zip ties to secure the paddle to the allen key (we don't want that the paddle gets out of the house through the window... no?)

If you prefer a whipping machine instead of a spanking one then:
[Image: whipping.jpg]

R are wires.

If you want, you can use two spanking machines at the same time (to cover the whole area):
[Image: setupo.jpg]

You just need that K spins clockwise and L anticlockwise.

If you take a look at the image you'll notice that there are zip ties triggering the drills, so when they get electricity, they start to rotate!!!

If you have problems imagining how you can tie yourself to the exercise bike then take a look at:
[Image: handcuffssetup.gif]
You can even put another padlock between the zip tie and the chain to the handcuffs. (is difficult to reach the padlock that I've drawed on the image above).

Under the exercise bike there is a keyboard. You've to secure it in its position and attach something to the pedals that presses the keys when you exercise.
Something like:
[Image: pedalmove.gif]
One of the pedals must hit the numbers keys and the other one the letter. The image is horrible, but image that the blue line is a spoon (I'm a little tired, I will improve this image, promise)

The goal of this scenario is that you are going to be tied, forced to do exercise and everytime you fail you are going to be punished by the "Selfbondage Fitness Unpersonal Trainer".

And how is going to tease me a computer program??
Well, I will explain it better on the post of the program, but if you buy an Arduino Board it can push switches that activates the spanking machines:
[Image: 15227002.gif]

It can also rule vibrators, teasing devices as electric buttplugs... I'll explain it better in the post of the program (and you think that this post is long...)
If you do not want to buy an Arduino, the program can also tease you opening the cd tray and pushing the same stwitch than before and after some seconds closing the tray (only on PC, not on laptops), and it can tease you with sound if you have an Antibarking Collar for dogs (like the Selfbondage CD Tray Opener).

Needless to say that you can attach the barking collar wherever you want and not just in the neck:
[Image: 68138217.gif]
Excellent! Pretty detailed and inspirational post! Love the idea to use drills as diy-whip devices. But I just cant't hold back on suggesting improvements. Using servomotor to push button? Just use 12V relay, it can be driven from Arduino, or, if all things are just "on-offs", we can use USB relay board driven from computer with a USB, multichannel.
Of course, there are also many alternative ways to detect pedal movement, but all that I can think about are slightly more complex, so they can not be suggested as improvement.
All in all, it is brilliantly simple to make, but elaborate guide. Thanks for your work!
Having never heard of an 'Arduino board' I've just Googled it. It seems the possibilities for using one in SB games are endless! (Culmor heads off to Ebay...)
Sounds like a new thread.