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A full Week-end
Hi all Bye 
I'm planning a full self-bondage week-end and i'd appreciate some suggestion or ideas from my favorite kinky community. I'm planning more little sessions so i can enjoy all the pleasures of self bondage. In this pic there's all my equipement:

1_by_bdsmsecrets-dbyxq3q.jpg thumbnail   

and a list
-lot of ropes (not all in the photo)
-leather straps
-chains and enough padlocks and connectors for anything i want
-classic handcuffs and legcuffs
-metal wrist and ankle shackles
-set of clear pvc wirst cuffs collar and ball gag
-homemade big ball gag(red green and white on the right)
-trainer white ball gag
-leather muzzle breathable gag
-some sponge balls + a lot of duct tape for gags
-zip ties
-nipple clamps
-S\M\L buttlugs
-huge dildo (cant do anal with it)
-magic wand with a timer socket
-many blindfolds
Generally i prefer hogtie or strappado sessions but i'm open minded Smile 
Of course something to wear for crossdressing

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Thank You in advice
(04 Jan 2018, 23:34 )amadeus Wrote: Of course something to wear for crossdressing
Yes, very important!