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Hey guys,

It´s me, Lana! I´m the new girl!   Shy

Reading this forum for quite some time now and had great fun with it. Thank Ra for keeping it alive! 

Now I´ve got a question regarding breathplay. Yes, I know its a tricky topic. Nevertheless I´m looking for some new ideas ...

To this date I´ve limited myself to some bagging (Just holding the bag to my face, not over the head!),  some breathholding while having a nose clip on and of course some fun with a swimcap!  Rolleyes

Does anyone have any other ideas what I could try? Just breathplay, I´ll never mix it with selfbondage.

Thanks guys, Lana! Smile
1) Put thick leggings over your head/face and, if not difficult enough to breathe, get them wet.
2) Buy a gas mask?
Welcome to the forum Lana! Sometime I use a sheet of soft latex or a swimming cap to block the airflow. Not for bondage or getting excited. It's something about energy practice and overcoming the asphyxiation phobia. I think...
Hey Max, thank for the ideas! I´ll try them soon and tell you if it was fun! Smile

Your´re having an asphyxiation phobia Ra?

Any more ideas?! Smile

Have a nice evening,

(14 Mar 2017, 23:46 )anallana Wrote: Your´re having an asphyxiation phobia Ra?
Not quite a phobia, but it's very difficult for me to stay calm if I can't breath, or to breath slowly, if the breathing hole is very narrow.
Awh, that is nasty! I guess a lot of people feel like that. Well, I´m different. The breathing hole cant be too small ...  Rolleyes
Gas masks with rebreather bags are awesome, some hoods have breath play elements (like a latex hood with only a pinhole to breathe through)
Yes, they are absolutely great! But unfortunately I don´t have the money for that kind of gear at the moment ... Sad
You could get one of these rubber strips for gymnastics and use it like a scarf, eventually also cover mouth and nose or even the complete face. this allows very good control over how much you can breathe.

Also latex masks come at fairly low prices. I have one that fits snugly, allows breathing through two small near the nose and has eye openings. If I cover the eye openings, breathing gets much harder. If the breathing holes are slightly out of position then, I cannot breathe at all. So there are various levels of breathing.

Of course, if you faint, you are done, if your breath is blocked. But I think, there is no faint safe item, except for real people watching you.
Got myself one of those new scuba masks for snorkeling. They are quite cheap and a loooooot of fun to play with!

Its a great alternative to a gas mask.

If you have more breathplay ideas, feel free to share them! Smile

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