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Bolero Armbinder - another release method
I am running a few tests on a new release method for the armbinder. the current release is a string attached to the zipper and this could break, get stuck in a bad place etc. and it simply bothers me. Furthermore, it can't be timed.

My idea consists of a wire clothes hanger which I have to get into a suitable shape. This clothes hanger will have the normal hook on one side and another hook on the other side to "grab" the key-ring on the zipper. I am trying this with the string on, just in case. This is a live report, I will post now, edit after the test etc.


First test: I pulled the clothes hanger long and formed a hook on the other side. On the floor it is useless, can#t get it close to my neck and the zipper ring. On a table, I can push it around but not hook it in. And I have no control over the direction, this needs a mirror, perhaps even two mirrors. I will continue with a collar instead of the bolero for now.


This is harder than I thought. I realised that the hook needs to be fixed somewhere in order to get it into the ring. On the other hand, it can stay there once fixed, I can move the zipper down by standing up carefully. Must try this with bolero next.


It works! Getting the hook onto the bolero is a bit harder, the arms are in the way. But I got it on and managed to open the zipper without using the string. But it doesn't feel right. If I topple or get up too fast, I might destroy the hook, pull off the ring or whatever. Not safe! This is a good start but it needs improvement.


I am glad, I did more tests. On the second try, the hook slipped off when the zipper was half open. I wasn't able to get it into the ring again. Without the string, which is still attached, I would be stuck now. Perhaps I could have broken out by force, but I don't want to damage zipper or even the bolero. I will try another hook shape next.


Now I am using the "normal" hook of the clothes hanger and I bent the last bit up against the wire - I better upload a drawing:


Once the zipper is getting lower, the ring can slide down and it will be caught by the extra bend in the hook. I tried, it works well. But the setup is not stable, the chair can fall, I have to find a better stand for the hook. In the end, I would like to find a stand, where I can put the hook while bound - after it dropped down from the ice lock. But first things first, I need to find a more stable stand, perhaps a bit higher even. I have a drawer a bit below chest height, this might be good. And I have a vague idea about fixing the hook there too. This is definitely a bad project for Sunday night, this is the last step for today.


Two things make it difficult: There is no mirror near the drawer, I can't see, what I am doing. And the position is too low when I am standing, too high when sitting on a chair. This can be fixed, but not tonight.

to be continued...
Woops, I completely forgot about this thread. And since I found a much better and easier solution, this thread could be deleted.
(11 May 2012, 19:42 )Strappado Wrote: this thread could be deleted.

No, I would merge it with one of the existing threads for historical and educational purposes. Who knows, probably someone is going exactly the same way or going to suggest something like this.

But which thread to choose?

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