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another style bolero armbinder
A while ago, I posted about an armbinder that goes over the shoulders, open chest, but a bag around the arms in box-position. Well, I think, I did, however, it didn't really work. Now, I have ordered another one, which looked different, hoping, that it might be of more use, and it is. It looks like on the picture, except, I don't use the belt around arms and legs as on the second image. I got it here:



I can put it on right out of the box, like this: Open the collar front zipper enough to get my head through, then close it again. Then get the shoulders into the shoulder parts. Now, there is a bag stretched between my shoulders and going down to near my elbows. I then get the left elbow in, followed by the right elbow, then the hands. The material is a bit stretchy, which makes it quite easy. Then wiggle the arms, until they are in a comfortable position, hands grabbing the opposite elbows. This is quite snug and comfortable, the arms are perfectly held in place. Of course, getting out is just as easy as getting in, so no real deal...

Next I tried to use a belt with a self-securing buckle, to pull the inside rim of the bag up, making it harder or even impossible to get the arms out, when it is tight. At first, I wrapped the belt around my shoulders, backpack-style, and fed it through the lacing on the inside of the bag - see my drawing, there is a lacing going from the back of the neck down the entire bag. This might work, but the belt was too short and I had to get another idea.

The working idea is illustrated in my drawing below. I fed the belt through the end of the lacing and stepped through, when I put on the armbinder, the end of the belt attached to a door handle. When the arms were in position and everything felt in place, I ducked under the belt to get it around the back of my neck (the drawing shows the front of the armbinder, which is against my back). Then I tightened the belt by stepping away from the door. And this was quite effective! The belt didn't pull the lower rim up as much as I hoped for, but it pushed the bag against my back and so the arms were trapped between the bag, my back and the belt. It was quite a struggle, to get out again. Eventually, I had one arm out and it took me about another minute or so, to losen the belt (the buckle works like the "ring device").


Almost forgot: The quality is low, cheap zipper, very thin lacing. But the material is soft and smells like PU (raincoat material).

I hope, this post is clear enough. If not, ask. I am not sure, if I can take photos...
I think, on the drawing, it is quite apparent, where the problem with this toy is: The area supporting the arms is quite low, which makes it easy to get the hands and elbows out. On the other hand, this is, why it can be used alone so easily.
I've always liked this design in latex. Here demonstrated by Kayla from

 bondage_box-tie_single-glove-01.jpg     bondage_box-tie_single-glove_ball-gag_leg_binder-02.jpg   

It seems very similar in design to yours. (Quite keen on the latex leg-binder she wears here.)
This boxtie armbinder looks verry hot:

And they offer it made from no strech latex fabric:

I think it will feel verry intense!
@Will90MeeG - please upload images into the forum (I've uploaded them in your post). Here's how:
Sorry Ra!

Here's another shot - I really like this scene.  derrick-pierce-kayla-paige-13.jpg   
The big question is always: How well are the arms encased. My bag isn't effective. Tightening it with a strap is sort of effective, but at the cost of long-term suitability, it is quite uncomfortable. And that contradicts the idea of this toy (at least, I think so). Perhaps, eventually, under the right circumstances, I will try to make one that fits better. I have got the tools, need some appropriate fabric and probably some more sewing skill though.

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