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Alternative wax release method
I found this yesterday, and i thought immediatly at selfbondage and of course all of you. I think someone here will appreciate  Big Grin

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Fun! Wink But too dangerous.
For some reason the clip is uncomplete.. Just check this 

Why dangerous Ra? It will automatically blow out itself...

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Yea, my device can't play this.

But here is my take.
Anytime you use wax, you need heat.
If you use a candle, like I'm guessing, three things can happen.
1> it works correctly and you can escape.
2> the flame blows out and your now stuck.
3> the flame burns the place down and you die.

I'll stick with the ice cube and hoes.

Like I said, my device can't play this clip.
Try this animated gif since the video isn't working for you:
Yep, a candle.

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