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Alternative Armbinder using a pair of tights - alternative method
In the second half of this video, you can see a nice idea of using a pair of tights to tie the arms in armbinder-style. Unless the tights are really tight, you can reach up to the shoulders and undo it, but apart from that, it is quite an experience. But there will be solutions!

How to do that by myself, was my first question after watching this video. I tied a string to each side of the rim of the tights and hooked to the strings to a door handle. The idea is to stick the arms into one leg and then pull against the strings. The tights won't just slip up, you have to experiment with pull-directions and make sure, you don't hold the fabric between back and arms. After a few tries, it got much easier and I promise, there will be photos. In order to make it harder (or near impossible???) to pull off the shoulders, I will try a hood-string-stopper on the two strings, that will be pushed up somehow, once the shoulders are covered. Removing the strings (special knot for attachment) is no option, because it doesn't require much dexterity to reach up to the shoulders and free them. However, it feels quite restraining until you do so Big Grin

Perhaps I can also find an idea to use the other leg to secure this armbinder.

Ok, here is the video:

That's interesting. Very interesting.
Yea, I would like to see what you come up with.
here is a gif to show, how to attach strings to the tights - one of these on each side, plus extra strings to pull off the main strings when their job is done

tights_amrbinder_strings.gif thumbnail   

the black something above where the string is tied to is supposed to be a knot
another update: I only need one string. As long, as only one arm is inside, I can adjust the tights on the shoulder of this arm. Then hook the string (on the other shoulder part) to something, enter the other arm and pull.

By the way, I wonder, if two or three pairs worn on top of each other would be even better.

And I got another pair of tights today, a bit stronger (80 DEN). The seam is so strong, that I don't need to tie a knot into it, the string holds tight onto the seam.

Open questions: What to do with the other leg, while nobody is around? I will try something...

Ok, I tied a slip knot into the end of the other leg. When the tights were on, I hooked it to the door handle, wrapped the leg around my body and then worked my hands through the loop. It feels good, but doesn't add any security of course.

I also put one leg into the other and tried to hook the tights to my shoulders, but this didn't work. it feels very snug on one arm already, so two tights should be great!

Still no idea, how to make this secure.
(12 May 2018, 22:58 )Strappado Wrote: also put one leg into the other
That was my first thought.
Interesting ideas, but my personal favourite is still to keep it simple and pull one leg over my head and shoulders then wriggle my arms into the second leg behind my back - like I did in this session some years ago.

You can use multiple pairs of tights (one inside the other - as I did in that session) or use a the thicker denier  - also, depending on how flexible you are, you can try to use a smaller size (I used 'maternity tights' for the session I shared, but have had success with normal 'one size' tights too).

If you don't like your head being encased (I love it!) then you can always cut the end of the leg off (use clear nail varnish to seal the cut ends to stop laddering).

The only challenge I have with this approach is that I can't figure out a safe way to delay my escape, other then the struggle to free my arms.

(13 May 2018, 08:17 )madjack Wrote: my personal favourite is still to keep it simple and pull one leg over my head and shoulders
Same here, but I wonder if the described method can make it tighter and less escapable. Without additional ropes (which should prevent pulling the "legglove" down) I can; see how.
If you cut the other leg off, wouldn't that be like wrapping rope around your neck?
Pantyhose or tights, it will tighten around your neck.
Am I right or am I missing something here?
Hi just found this one:

Play safe!

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