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Body & mind state control electronic devices
Not sure how to properly call this thread. This is about devices like fitness bracelets, headbands, wearables, that measure pulse, brain rhythms, sleep phases, skin electro potentials, etc. Why not to combine these things with hypnosis, meditation, fitness, training, learning?

All ideas are welcome!
Any cheaper analogues of Muse headbands ( €379.99 for Muse S Gen 2 is a bit steep.
My wife had an idea of experimenting with fitness bracelets. So, I bought two Huawei Band 4 Pro bracelets. We've been wearing them 24x7 to understand if they can deliver any useful information. So far, we like them. They measure pulse (constantly), step counts, oxygenation (when asked), sleep states (deep, light, REM, nap, awake), GPS location (when exercising outdoors), burnt calories.

Now I wonder if it's possible to start a hypno session at the start of the sleep REM phases. Would be interesting, not?
I have posthypno suggestion about my fit bracelet. I have miband4, wearing it 24/7 and when I feel its vibrating alarm, i will fall back into trance and obey. It empower my obedience when I am hypnotized, or awake, towards the person who wants to control me and if I agree to it. It also makes me love to wear it, look at it, to feel it on hand, to touch it. I love its silicone straps. When I must take it off sometimes, I feel like incomplete and sad.
(29 Apr 2022, 15:37 )Michael Wrote: I have posthypno suggestion about my fit bracelet.
By Lilith?
By my friend
Cross-posting here. A more versatile device: Huawei Watch D with built-in sphygmomanometer and ECG sensor. Add this device to the equation:, deep-throat trainer, phones, brain rhythm sensor (e.g. Muse, see above) and ... the Chinese will have a full control over you 😂
Nice one. Lately I read about newcoming Mi Band 7. Pretty design, all functions like spo2, nfc. That penis cage is 😁
It would be good if there can be any way to trance people by secretly sending a signal from their watches directly to brain through body. Like through any of its sensors which is in constant contact with skin. You will add the device to app on cellphone and tap button....and you have your friend or sub in trance 😊
(29 Jan 2023, 00:51 )Like Ra Wrote:
(28 Jan 2023, 04:33 )Cattani Wrote: And when the virtual reality comes
... brain implants will become common ...

World leader plan on brainwave harvesting 


The allegedly relaxing corporate-art video presentation might be utterly chilling, but on the hypno porn side quite promising as well. Imagine brainwave-manipulation pleasure enhancement by a porn program.
What a neat combination of a brainwashing program, a face-tracker and a punishing device!



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