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Poll: Do you own a VR headset that can use the MMM app?
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10 15.63%
Yes, but I've not tried it
18 28.13%
No, but I'd like to try it
36 56.25%
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VR Hypnosis and Mind-Melting Machine (MMM)
What are MMM files?
MMM stands for Mind-Melting Machine.

They are files intended for use with VR headsets, pairing traditional hypnosis audio with virtual reality spirals, onscreen text and sometimes images to enhance the hypnotic experience. There's more information on the specifics (and an older free version of the app to play the files) on this linked site. An up-to-date version is available in app stores, sometimes under the name Mind Massaging Machine.

The list of all MMM files on Warp My Mind is here.

There's a Discord for MMM chat here.

Can I use them as audio files?
No. They require the MMM app (and a VR headset) to play. There's a list of versions compatible with different VR headsets under the Downloads tab on that site.

There are MP3 versions available for some, including my Good Boy/Good Girl audios. I list those as different files because the scripts are actually different - the MMM versions reference the hypnotic spiral and talk about what you see onscreen, so you wouldn't be getting a full experience if you ripped out the audio track and listened to it on its own.

It's down to individual hypnotists if they want to make MP3 versions available.

What if I have a VR headset but none of the MMM files out there are what I'm into??
This is where you come in (and the whole reason I made this topic back on WMM) - There are only 16 of these VR files on WMM as of this post. I've converted a couple of my files into this format to try out the session maker, and even made a handful of new ones to experiment with it (eg Renamon and Rubber Drone were experiments in VR transformation files), but there hasn't been much feedback beyond people asking the first two questions in this thread.

So now I put the question to you - What would you like to see from VR hypnosis?
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Can a smartphone (SBS) be used or a "real" VR headset is required?

Edit: Ah, I see references to "cardboard" files on the MMM site.
MMM isn't what I want for vr hypnosis. I'm thinking of a virtual environment that has ai talking to you then putting you in a capsule that is hooked up to subliminals and other visuals to take you into trance and change you that way. Then you can explore the virtual environment a bit more after your hypnosis session.
There was something similar to what I am describing where you explore a 3d dungeon and all sorts of fetishy stuff and bdsm stuff happens with the main theme being hypnosis. It turns out it is mostly femdom not hypnosis. Here's the link anyway:
There's now a Windows demo version of MMM available here. The main difference between it an the paid version is that you can only have one custom session in the library at a time, so you'll need to re-import any custom sessions before you can watch them. There are desktop versions for it, if you don't own a VR headset, so you can watch them on a normal monitor.

Most of my MMM sessions are in my own fileshare, in the folders marked MMM. I'd attach one to this post but it's currently not possible to attach MMM files here.
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(18 Jun 2020, 17:10 )GA-37 Wrote: I'd attach one to this post but it's currently not possible to attach MMM files here.
I need to invent the MIME type for them.
Now you should be able to upload .mmm files - up to 30MB
(18 Jun 2020, 17:39 )Like Ra Wrote: Now you should be able to upload .mmm files - up to 30MB

Thank you!
The Rubber Drone MMM file is attached, as a celebration of this demo release.

Rubber Drone.mmm (Size: 11.11 MB )
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It would be nice if there were an online MMM player, which can be embedded in the forum.
Just installed a 2D version for Linux. Looks interesting so far.

(Immediately got a coil whine. Trying to understand where - apparently in the power supply...)

Next step is to install it onto my phone.

Looks like it's the future of hypno fetish.

I wonder why is the video card THAT loaded, when the window is totally black and nothing is showing or playing?

Android Cardboard version works as well.

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