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Body-modification hypnosis
Let's start with this:

Breast Enlargement Through Visual Imagery and Hypnosis by R D Willard

Quote:Twenty-two female volunteers ranging in age from nineteen to fifty-four were asked to practice self-hypnosis and visual imagery in an attempt to enlarge the breasts. All subjects had some enlargement. The subjects who were able to visualize the greatest percentage of times tried had the greatest increase in breast size.

Hypnotic Stimulation of Breast Growth by  A R Staib, D R Logan

Quote:An experiment was designed in an attempt to replicate the findings of a previous study which indicated that hypnosis could be used effectively to stimulate breast growth in adult women. Three adult women were given a series of hypnotic treatments in which sensations of breast growth were suggested. It was found that hypnotic stimulation of breast growth did result in larger breasts. A three month follow-up, not included in the previous study, demonstrated that while some decrease had occurred during the three months after the cessation of treatment, 81% of the gains made were retained. The authors agree with Williams (1974) that with further development this procedure could become a desirable alternative to surgical methods of breast augmentation.

Full articles attached.

In other words, it is possible to make physical transformation of the human body using hypnosis, what is not actually surprising, because your body and your mind regulate pretty much everything, what's going on inside. Think of hormonal balance, for example.

Do you know of any successful hypnotic body modifications that are visible by others? Any files? Links?

Can be anything: eye colour change, waist reducing, breast enlargement, hair growth, you name it.

Behaviour changes are excluded. For example, when hypnosis suggests to go to the gym and exercise. (See

Attached Files
Breast Enlargement through Visual Imagery and Hypnosis willard1977.pdf (Size: 407.62 KB )
Hypnotic Stimulation of Breast Growth staib1977.pdf (Size: 642.62 KB )
too bad the file is not posted
(27 May 2020, 05:50 )MindsEye Wrote: too bad the file is not posted
What file?
breast enlargement through visual imagery
If you are talking about the quoted works, I do not think they produced any files in 1974/77 😉
dang I didn't know it was from that time
(27 May 2020, 09:44 )MindsEye Wrote: I didn't know it was from that time
(23 May 2020, 21:11 )Like Ra Wrote: The authors agree with Williams (1974)
(23 May 2020, 21:11 )Like Ra Wrote: willard1977.pdf
(23 May 2020, 21:11 )Like Ra Wrote: staib1977.pdf
And another one by the Master himself.

Breast Development Possibly Influenced by Hypnosis: Two Instances and the Psychotherapeutic Results by Milton H. Erickson M.D.

Quote:Common experience has demonstrated repeatedly that unconscious attitudes toward the body can constitute potent factors in many relationships. Learning processes, physical and physiological functioning, recovery from illness, are, among others, examples of areas in which unrecognized body attitudes may be of vital significance to the individual. Hence, the question is pertinent: To what extent can specific forms of somatic behavior be influenced purposefully by unconscious forces, and what instances are there of such effects? The two following cases, aside from their hypnotic psychotherapeutic significances, are presented as indicative of a possibly significant problem for future research concerning unconscious purposeful influence upon breast development.

Attached Files
erickson1960.pdf (Size: 374.88 KB )
Hypnosis, Suggestions, and Psychosomatic Phenomena: A New Look from the Standpoint of Recent Experimental Studies
Theodore X. Barber Ph.D.

Quote:A series of investigations are reviewed which indicate that suggestion
a) can block the skin reaction (dermatitis) that is produced by poison ivy-like plants,
b) can give rise to a localized skin inflammation that has the specific pattern of a previously experienced burn,
c) can be effective in the cure of warts,
d) can ameliorate congenital ichthyosiform erythrodermia (“fish skin disease”)
e) can stimulate the enlargement of the mammary glands in adult women.
Experiments are also summarized supporting the hypothesis that the aforementioned suggested phenomena may be due, in part, to localized alterations in blood flow to the skin and other organs that can occur when certain types of suggestions are accepted.

Attached Files
Hypnosis, Suggestions, and Psychosomatic Phenomena A New Look from the Standpoint of Recent Experimental Studies barber1978.pdf (Size: 1.26 MB )
If indeed this is possible, did anybody try this? How and with what results?
Or know of somebody who tried this?

In principle it does not amaze me, but it is probably not simple, or breast
enlargement operations would not be such a big business.

The reactions on wmm are always just after somebody started, but never
anything reliable after prolonged use and very positive results. Maybe I missed

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