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Blast from the past - earliest fetish images
We all started down the path to our current fetish fantasies in different ways, but I'm sure that most of you are like me and somewhere there is an image (or images) that suddenly opened your eyes and mind to the wonderful world of weird.

I've created this thread as a place to post those early images - they could be 'proper' fetish images, something from TV/movies, adverts or even shopping catalogues (lingerie sections are always a favourite!).

Only one rule: Images must be memorable from the earliest awakening of your fetish, preferably with a brief reason as to why and when.

To get things started here is one I've recently re-discovered:

tumblr_ns8gpgN75q1s4jw4io1_500.jpg thumbnail    - I discovered this sometime in 1981/82 when I first started work. In those days the UK company I worked for had a 'library' of 'men's magazines' in most buildings. I recall the magazine was in an A5 format with a yellow cover, but the name escapes me right now - possibly 'Forum' of something like that. Mostly it was stories of all sorts of strange things I'd never heard of before - cross-dressing (wow, really?!), bondage (oh my, I'm not the only one) and more. For some reason this image stuck in my mind for the last 30+ years (has it really been that long?!) - even now I'm not sure if the person is male or female, or even what the gloves and hood are made of (leather? Latex??). Whatever the image suddenly caused all the random thoughts in my mind to come together and I realised what really turned me on sexually.

There are other images I can still see clearly in my mind, but can't locate (great excuse for searching the internet - it's not porn, it's historical research!) 

So, what got you started? Care to share here?

These two posts are very related:

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(29 Aug 2017, 17:25 )Like Ra Wrote: These two posts are very related:

(and the whole series:

Also this thread:

Well.. yes and then again no.

it just happens that I'm old enough for my first fetish fueling images to be classed as 'vintage'  Sad - happy coincidence as it happens.

What I was looking to stimulate was the images that forum users remember as their earliest 'triggers' for their current fetish fun (and they don't need to be obviously bondage or fetish ones).

One of mine (that I can't find anywhere) was a advert from the back of a business magazine my dad used to get - it was an Asian woman all decked out in gold chains and body jewelry. She was sitting cross-legged on the floor and I have no idea what the advert was for, but she really did it for me and started (in a small way) to make me think of women as sexually attractive.


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