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Beta Selfbondage CD Tray Opener 3.0
(26 Feb 2011, 23:44 )Bubbawild Wrote: i have tested it on xp sp3 and it works fine from system

will test it from mem stick

Hope that you find it useful Wink

Can you re-upload please ? The link is dead :/
You gotta be kidding me
Seems Qwerty is updating their program over at BA:-

Been wanting to try this for ages!

EDIT: Hmmm.... not working for me. Also seems there has been little activity/updating recently on the software..!
I still don't understand how this works. Do you tie yourself up and struggle until the cd drawer ejects and releases the keys into your hand? The diagram appears to demonstrate this but they keys are far from dropping into the subjects hand.
v3.0 is discontinued, but you can download it from this site (see the first post in this thread). The latest supported version is Simple v1.7.1 :

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