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Selfbondage CD Tray Opener Simple version 1.6
Hello again from Barcelona.

Updated version of the Selfbondage CD Tray Opener Simple

[url=][Image: sinttulobxd.png][/url]

[Image: sinttuloosr.png]

As most of you may know it works as a release method just putting a key like this:
[Image: picture17w.jpg]
and put your laptop out of your reach.

  • ·Now is possible to save your settings to an .ini file, so you doesn't need to input the vallues in the fields if you always play with the same settings (The CD Tray to be opened is not saved)
    ·Now you can choose whatever file you want as release method, not just .exe files
    ·Minor security updates (now is not possible to start a random session if the minimum desired time is bigger than the maximum...)

Now you can tie yourself with ropes and setup the program to play a soundfile very loud (like a porn film), so if you do not can untie yourself before the timer ends the neighbours will hear an embarasing noize coming from your home.

As in the old times, any feedback will be much aprecciatted.

You can find the program here:
[URL=]Selfbondage CD Tray Openers Simple Version 1.6[/URL]

Hope you find it useful.

Greets from Barcelona

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