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Selfbondage CD Tray Opener 2.5 release
Release of the new version of Selfbondage CD Tray Opener.

[Image: 25.gif]

This is a program to use in selfbondage sessions, to use it you must put a key on the CD Tray of your computer like that:
[Image: picture17w-1.gif]

As the first released version, the program has an input where we must type how long we want to wait for the key releasing:
[Image: minutes.gif]

For safety reasons Selfbondage CD Tray Opener doesn't accept time inputs longuer than 360 minutes (t6 hours!).
This is because I don't believe that many laptops has a battery that last much more longuer than 6 hours.
When a longuer time is inputted, when we press START, the program responds:
[Image: timelimit.gif]

It doesn't need to be installed to run (works perfectly from an USB, for example) and has been tested hundred of times in WinXP and Vista.
Yet to be tested on Windows 7 (if anyone have one valid license to give it will be welcomed)
Yet to be tested on Win2K/NT (not sure if it will works)
And it will not work on WIN9X/Me

In this version you have to choose what CD Tray d'you want to be opened in the session:
[Image: cddrive.png]
Clicking the Test button you can open the tray to check that the program recognizes it (and also to see if the key drops as you desired)
Please, before start a session make as many proves as you can!!

If we input a valid time and press START button we will get a screen with the countdown:
[Image: newcountdownlittl.gif]
After some feedback, this time the screen is not always on the top of everything, you can put another windows over it.
We can exit that screen and open the CDTray just pressing Esc on the keyboard.

During the countdown the program plays a "beep" every second, it can be turned off unchecking this checkbox:
[Image: beep23.gif]

Selfbondage CD Tray Opener 2.5 also has a "Random" option.
To use it you will have to input the maximun time that you want to play and check:
[Image: randomtime.gif]
In random mode, the countdown screen will look like this:
[Image: randomnewcountdownlittl.gif]

The program does not only runs a countdown, it also can get sound from a microphone and respond moving a vibrator (Ohmibod or similar vibrator required)
[Image: ohmibod_lightbox.jpg]
I call this Teasing Mode and to activate you just have to check this box:
[Image: teasing33.gif]

To play with this mode you are going to need a microphone (anyone that works on windows) and a vibrator that can be activated with a minijack audio conector (ohmibod or similar). When you check the box the program starts to "listen" to the microphone input (the level of sound that you produce is shower in the progress bar):
[Image: micro33.gif]
You can also make it more accurate adjusting the microphone level on windows.

Then we have to adjust the threshold of sound that will activate the vibrator. To adjust this level we have to slide the slider to the desired position:
[Image: micro34.gif]
During this setup the program will play a sound every time we make a noise louder than the level of the hreshold (and if we have a vibrator activated by sound... volià!!).

Use this setup wisely to adjust the level of noise admited before the progams moves the vibrator. When you press START it will can not be changed.
If you try to enter this mode without any microphone connected to the computer you will always get a noise level of 100%.

Finally I added a random mode for the vibrator too, to activate it just check this:
[Image: random23.gif]
It will make the vibrator play randomly during the session (once again we need a Ohmibod or similar vibrator or we will just get a sound from the computer).
All the modes can be combined, but please remember that it will reduce the duration of the battery.


On my particular case Ohmibod is very tiny, so I managed to convert my butplug (that works with batteries connected with two wires) onto a Ohmibod kind vibrator.

I have a inflatable buttplug like this:
[Image: plug1.gif]

I've cutted of the wires that connect the batterys and the plugg and get this:
[Image: plug3.gif]
(wires 1 and 2)

and this:
[Image: plug2.gif]
wires 4 and 5.

If we have a Ohmibod and look at the base it will look like this:
[Image: plug5.gif]
(this is the base of Ohmibod), we have 3 possiblities of connection, the spring in the middle is where we must conect the wires with the negative pole of the batteries and the two metal pieces at the bottom are where we must conect the other wires.
If I get some cash I will buy another Ohmibod and I'will open it to make better instructions, but remember that you can use the ohmibod directly without any modifications.

(of course it has to be connected to the computer with an audio jack and the batteries must be turned on while playing)

You can download the program from:

Next version will open the cd tray when computer tries to reboot, shutdown or when the batteries goes under 10%, but I'm going to need some help with the testing (I don't have any computer with Win7 and it seems that Vista/7 treates the battery issues diferent as 2K/Xp does)
Feedback will be much apreciatted.

PS: from now , on every new version I will post the source code:

The program is writted in autoit

Here are packed all the images and the sounds that the program uses.
The way to compile it is just copy all to the same folder where the source code is and compile using the full version of SciTE with F7

And here we have all the .au3 scripts that must be copied on the Include's folder of autoit installation

to download and learn more of autoit please visit:

A good way to compile the program by yourself is turning of the antivir (panda cloud doesn't let me create the exe)

Have a nice day.

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