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Best material for long-term wear, PLUGS
Hey all. I'm just wondering if anyone have any insight or experience with wearing plugs for longer times and what material such as a metal butt plug is best to use.
The scenario for this long term is for example say 6-10 hours wear for work/school.
I would say it's not the material but the shape what is more important. And in any case, I would put a condom on the plug.

BTW, do I understand correctly that you more care about the flexibility, than "how good it feels to the touch"?
this is why i need info Tongue the thing i need to know is what size/shape should it be, to not slip out ( im not used to BIG BIG plugs yet) also how it feels while wearing, i want something that i can wear for A long time but not hurting me Tongue
Also i would like to apologise if my english is bad, I'm also bad at explaining things hehe
(20 Dec 2014, 20:13 )gunz Wrote: the thing i need to know is what size/shape should it be, to not slip out ( im not used to BIG BIG plugs yet)
Unless "it" expands inside your body like an umbrella, everything you shove up will slip out. So, you need something "external" to keep "it" in. E.g. a tight swimsuit, karada, crotch rope. In short any kind of a harness.
(20 Dec 2014, 20:13 )gunz Wrote: also how it feels while wearing,
Only you can feel how it feels inside you Wink The general rule is - the smaller the plug, the easier to keep it in. For example, I can wear a classic medium sized butt-plug (like this one for 12 hours with no problems at all (provided I had an enema before).
ahh ok. thanks for the info

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