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Poll: Which series did affect you more?
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111 40.96%
43 15.87%
63 23.25%
40 14.76%
Other (please comment)
14 5.17%
Total 271 vote(s) 100%
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Bambi vs Kei vs SB - which one is more effective for you?
This is not to start any holy wars (hmmm... why not, actually? πŸ˜†), but which -tist did affect you more? Whose files put you in deeper trances? Did you have any during- or post-hypnotic effects?

At first, I was going to compare only Bambi and SB, but later added Kei as well. Reasons:

o- All series are about sissification, feminization, arousal, behaviour changes, tulpa-like personality changes (less in SB's case).
o- All series contain addiction element
o- All series heavily contain subliminals on all levels
o- All series imply HFOs
o- All series have bimbofication "line" (definitely more in Bambi's case)
o- All -tists have associated cults (definitely more in Bambi's case)
o- All -tists were "accused" in having to do something with FBI, CIS, masons, illuminati, black magic, etc.
o- All series use the same TTS (some Kei's files are voiced by real girls)

Let me know if I missed anything in the poll.

Dedicated threads:

Bambi Sleep
Samantha Bandler/Sez
The statistics so far correlates with the popularity. I would expect Bambi to take a more distinctive lead, though. But we'll see.
This is a really tough question for me, since I've had vastly different reactions from each.

Bambi I feel like I don't go quite as deep as I have with either K or SB, and they're also a large time sink. However, I do catch myself responding to them, and even if I go an extended amount of time, I'll get the odd itch to go back to the files, or read something about someone else's experiences and get almost a secondhand buzz off of it.

Kei is really fascinating. I think for better or worse, I haven't experienced any content like theirs production or experience wise. However it took a bit of experimenting for any of their files to "click", but when they did they were some of the most intense and almost psychedelic experiences I've had with a file. When the "Permanent Fuck Puppet" file hit me the first time, I was floored. That said, I haven't felt as much of a pull or 'addiction' to Kei's files as with others, and I don't think their style of files works for everyone necessarily.

Of the three, I would say SB's files are the most consistently effective with me, and I would say SB is basically my go-to hypnosis now. I respond really, really strongly to just the sound of the voice in the files. Just thinking about it is enough to make me a bit floaty. I definitely get similar urges to listen to SB like with other files, and have had some very strong experiences (though never quite the peaks some Kei files have been)

So that's the best summary I can give of my experiences with the three! For the record I've used SB the longest, followed by Bambi off and on and lastly Kei
I used to listen to Kei, Bambi and SB. I fell off with Kei pretty quickly, and had a harder time trancing with bambi (free time vs session length too). I exclusively trance with SB now. I respond really well to the files now, whereas I used to never respond to the triggers (probably because I used them on and off). I actually had my first HFO from SB recently, so that's an improvement πŸ˜‹
(14 Sep 2021, 17:48 )spiraltone42 Wrote: Kei is really fascinating. I think for better or worse, I haven't experienced any content like theirs production or experience wise. However it took a bit of experimenting for any of their files to "click", but when they did they were some of the most intense and almost psychedelic experiences I've had with a file. When the "Permanent Fuck Puppet" file hit me the first time, I was floored. That said, I haven't felt as much of a pull or 'addiction' to Kei's files as with others, and I don't think their style of files works for everyone necessarily.

Sounds like I need to revisit. Previously fell into the last category of people who tried and quickly moved on from Kei.

Started listening to Bambi when it came out. It was the first hypnosis I had encountered. Really strong impact on personality in everyday encounters: passivity and general ditziness. This was perhaps after a month or two of fairly frequent listening and the effects stayed with me for some time after.

More recently, I accidentally encountered a short video featuring Bambi triggers and it sent me straight back down. Impressive. It's hard to stop myself continuing down that route but know that the destination isn't consistent with other parts of my day to day.

I listen consistently to SB. Takes me down but there's a distinct gap between time down deep and post-hypnotic experiences. I don't notice any changes in my choices or relationships after listening to SB for the past year or two. Some urges are stronger, and happily so, but remain partitioned. A pleasurable fetish rather than complete personality modification.
Ha! Someone created a similar thread on 8kun with a reference to this one! πŸ˜… I like this comment:

Quote:乃卂ηˆͺδΉƒδΈ¨ >>>>>>>>>>> SB >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 片ヨε·₯

Another comment:

Quote:for me K is unlistenable (one file made me speak in a higher voice for a couple of minutes), Bambi did not affect me at all, some old SB files (not the new ones) worked as advertised (just a bit).
Quote:Well I only listened to 片ヨε·₯'s one straight file, and it was great edging material but not really hypnosis and I did not get an HFO.

With SB most of her files seem misleading clickbait. Some of them are good, but most are bad.

乃卂ηˆͺδΉƒδΈ¨ is probably the most effective overall if you are into feminization, but I only care for the IQ reduction stuff like the giggle time trigger, so it is not as effective as it could be with me. But if you are into it is definitely the best.

So 乃卂ηˆͺδΉƒδΈ¨>片ヨε·₯>SB
Bambi makes me want to be a pretty girl sooooo bad, and the fantasy is overwhelmingly sexy. And a lot of Kei's stuff is just noise to my conscious mind. But Kei's CEI have worked for me. Multiple times.
This is what Belyaev (the creator of the Pig Girl series posted on WMM:

belyaev Wrote:From the Russian chans, the story of a dude who stumbled on the whole hypno thing through Bambi Sleep. That was his gateway.
He mentions Nofapping as a verb, because in the Russian Internets the consensus is you hold Nofap between 5 and 10 days before going for a real no hands orgasm. All users appear to be doing it that way.

Quote:I will tell you how I rolled into this topic, into this rabbit hole
I lurked once on 4chan and found a thread with hypnosis in the torrent section. I had never encountered hypno before. Actually, there was a desire to try something different from generic wanking.
Didn't do Nofap for real before that moment, but had aeady accumulated a whole lot of desire. One of the top posts in terms of replies was about bambi sleep. I never even had an inkling what's with this bambi stuff, lol, but I wondered what they were praising so much.
I downloaded a pack with introductory audio and started listening and also listening to myself: I lay down on my back, my eyes closed, slowed down my breathing until I really relaxed completely and continued to listen, without moving, for a long time and monotonously. And suddenly I realized that I didn't feel my body - nothing was numb as such, but sort of body locked. This is not a trance, you can "get up and leave", so to speak, but when you are alone with your thoughts in the dark, with this voice in your headphones, convincing you that you are someone who you are not, at least as of yet, it was quite intense, and there is no desire to go anywhere.
From all this confusion you start to get excited, blood beats in the temples (I even felt scared, because I caught myself thinking that I can't feel my breath), this weird bliss creeps up.
But the conditioning continued, monotonous, detached from actual sex, yet the excitement builds and builds. And then, riding this contrast, came the Bambi cockslut track - a breath of fresh air. You are simply put before the fact, for what exactly you have been languishing all this time inside your head, in the dark, and that now will be time X, where you will exhibit yourself in a very different way, and get, and most importantly, give pleasure.
I won't go into details, but I sure got the hands free orgasm. Just fucking blown away that this was even possible, I lay there and couldn't catch my breath.
Well, after tasting the forbidden fruit, I got hooked: I started watching porn hypnosis, with which I now often reach hfo, Tumblr (bdsm LR). I do it for excitement; I don't feel so often the "not in my body" thing, mainly generic faggotry in short.
You can swear off as much as you like and "go cold turkey", but I still come back to this, whether it's in a month or half a year.

P.S. Maybe I'll use my polyglot superpower to periodically post stuff from Russian-language hypno-discussions. Add the Slavic POV on the matter as it were. They mostly also use English-speaking files, and less so Russian ones, as there appears to be less of those around.
8kun Wrote:Listened to a good amount from each, so from worst to best:

K: Most of the files are shit, overly long and boring, sometimes has good ideas but usually executes on them poorly. But occasionally a good file pops up.

SB: The bad here usually isn't as bad as K's. A lot of it's meh with boring triggers (oh wow, post-hypnotic suggestion to blink when shaking a dude's hand!!) but they're very rarely as much of a dumpster-fire as K's files. There's also about half a dozen to a dozen good files out there from him.

B: A lot more consistently good, although this is largely helped by the customization possible with the files. There are some minor complaints to have and nitpicks to be made, but they're never unlistenable, rarely boring, and there's a lotta good shit in there.

I wouldn't suggest paying for any of them. K and SB are way too inconsistent, and B releases for free after a few weeks anyway, and none of them need your money. Pay some starving artists and local businesses instead.

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