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Bambi Sleep Imagery
(16 Apr 2023, 20:06 )soloLEX Wrote:
(27 Mar 2023, 06:31 )Eevee Bambi Wrote: I've made some Bambis using AI, im personally in love with the second one, the last one with the two heads make it kinda weird and interesting at the same time, it's like bambi is placing her mind and control on the old-self.

What service did you use to take this? I thought neural network services like Midjournay don't work with nsfw content. -_-

@soloLEX have a look in this thread:
Another kind of Bambi?

bambi_japanese-01.mp4 (Size: 2.49 MB )

Bambi triggered?

 bambi-14_triggered.png     bambi-15_triggered.png   


(07 May 2023, 00:35 )Like Ra Wrote: Bambi?

I'd thump'er.

This pun was brought to you by our Disney Corp overlords.

Sorry, could not resist.
Life's too short to pretend you're not into some kinky shit.
She doesn't look nearly plastic enough for what I think of as the proper bimbo / Bambi aesthetic.
Bambi AI art from u/tidyx

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 bambi-15_pink_shiny_bikini_pink_collar_pink_headphones.webp     bambi-16-naked.webp     bambi-17-naked_black_harness_collar.webp     bambi-18-naked_black_harness_collar.webp     bambi-19_pink_bikini_harness_headphones.webp     bambi-20_pink_shiny_bikini_pink_collar_pink_headphones.webp     bambi-21_pink_shiny_transparent_bikini.jpg     bambi-22_black_shiny_bikini.jpg     bambi-23_collar_headphones.jpg   
I really like the sixth! 😍
The more I experiment with Bambi and Pig Girl, the more I think that this is my kind of Bambi:


Not this particular clothes style, though. And not just a random Harley Quinn, but this one. There is something in the face expression, what makes it "my Bambi". Something between being submissive and obedient, and dominant and cruel.

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