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Bambi Sleep Imagery
(22 Dec 2020, 22:46 )Selfexploration Wrote: I have ordered a full latex pink & see-thru suit that has an anal sleeve

Like this?

My dream!

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 transparent_total_encasement_latex_doll_catsuit_with sheaths-05.jpeg     transparent_total_encasement_latex_doll_catsuit_with sheaths-04.jpeg     transparent_total_encasement_latex_doll_catsuit_with sheaths-03.jpeg     transparent_total_encasement_latex_doll_catsuit_with sheaths-02.jpeg     transparent_total_encasement_latex_doll_catsuit_with sheaths-01.jpeg   
(26 Dec 2020, 04:17 )ULike Ra Wrote:
(26 Dec 2020, 03:49 )Selfexploration Wrote: Oh boy you must have seen the photos too then haha. 
If it's indeed you, then ... wow...

Mhhhh it is indeed haha 

[Image: VySLUYgd_o.jpeg]

[Image: NazpKKOX_o.jpeg]
[Image: kYnkMYjz_o.jpeg]
Real life  Barbie-Bambi-Bimbo - Lili Morto


lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-06.mp4 (Size: 1.45 MB )

lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-15.mp4 (Size: 5.13 MB )

lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-02.mp4 (Size: 2.84 MB )

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-01.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-03.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-04.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-05.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-07.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-08.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-09.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-10.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-11.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-12.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-13.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-14.jpg   
Thanks you to encourage my bimbofication with good stuff like this.
Yes, Bambis, you are being transformed into

(31 Jul 2022, 03:04 )Like Ra Wrote: Yes, Bambis, you are being transformed into
[Image: post_2_1659232988_f61f56f80c550582c85bcf..._thumb.jpg]
Hmm, this is making me want to go back ...
Hello Bambi. Do you want to play? Good girl!

 pink_latex_Bambi-01.jpg     pink_latex_Bambi-02.jpg   
If you need more visual inspiration, I got you covered.

All images are AI generated.
The second to last one is extra weird (but that's very likely also someone's fetish, so ...)
Sweet nightmares dreams.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 000087.3785315767.postprocessed (Benutzerdefiniert).png     000089.1478226283.postprocessed (Benutzerdefiniert).png     000078.2666862200.postprocessed (Benutzerdefiniert).png     000100.645070566.postprocessed (Benutzerdefiniert).png     000106.146213748.postprocessed_small.png   
Life's too short to pretend you're not into some kinky shit.
Whose Bambi is this?



I hope not mine!
Picture... related :3
Just appeared in my feed. ❓🔗 ?

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Chaos is Fun…damental

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