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Asian Spandex Girl
My new Hologram String leotard extra high cut.
[Image: th_039900749_SANY0003099_123_77lo.jpg] [Image: th_580399071_SANY0003130_123_549lo.jpg]
Nice, where did you get it?
Yea, Lets see a 360 shot.

Stand up, and turn around. I want to see it all.
[Image: th_136288409_SANY0005019_123_186lo.jpg] [Image: th_136297382_SANY0005043_123_116lo.jpg] [Image: th_136310686_SANY0005068_123_212lo.jpg]
[Image: th_835277314_SANY0008066_123_498lo.jpg] [Image: th_835295654_SANY0008078_123_413lo.jpg] [Image: th_835324905_SANY0008282_123_1019lo.jpg]
[Image: th_073406495_SANY0003011_123_445lo.jpg] [Image: th_907340841_SANY0003149_123_550lo.jpg] [Image: th_073411381_SANY0003171_123_191lo.jpg]
[Image: th_688730767_SANY0005079_123_343lo.jpg] [Image: th_688736736_SANY0005197_123_239lo.jpg] [Image: th_968874210_SANY0005334_123_128lo.jpg]
(01 Feb 2013, 06:36 )asianspandexgrl Wrote: [Image: th_688736736_SANY0005197_123_239lo.jpg]

Tut tut... that vibrator should be inside the crotch of your leotard, outwith the reach of your hands Wink

Nice pics Smile

I like to do it with my fingers, @Lustrous Wink
[Image: th_861266644_SANY0006087_123_73lo.jpg] [Image: th_861269189_SANY0006124_123_365lo.jpg] [Image: th_861272808_SANY0006367_123_407lo.jpg]
This swimsuit/leotard deserves to be seen, so I would change the pose and the viewpoint.

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