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Spandex Queen 2013
You will need to be a member of fetlife and of the group to see the competition. But if you are not already a member you should be!! There are lots of ladies with lots of sexy lycra pics! Come visit!

Here is a link to the group:

[Image: Screen+Shot+2013-02-22+at+11.39.53+AM.png]

The Rules!
The competition is open to spandex ladies aged 18 to 104 (any 105+ year old spandex wearing lady group members please comment if this rule needs changing!)
To enter contestants should link photos from their profiles onto the official competition thread.
All entry photos should be taken specifically for this competiton.
the group will vote on the winner of each heat.
During the voting period (yet to be decided ) entrants are encouraged to enter into playful banter with their opponents and other group members via the group.
Hurtfull name calling and unpleasantness will earn a instant dismissal!
Blatant attempts to curry favour with the group through additional promotional pictures for a heat is encouraged Smile
The winner of each heat will move one step closer to the final.
The loser of each heat is stripped of her spandex and posts a forfeit photo on her profile that she links onto the contest thread.
The forfeit photo can be implied nudity if the contestant wishes but must have the the original item of spandex/lycra clothing worn in her entry photo in the image.
Additional forfeits can be arranged between individual opponents in each heat if they wish and as long as both parties agree.
The last contestant dressed at the end of all the heats will be crowned the groups 2013 Spandex queen.
The winner is encouraged to post a celebratory image and link it to the group.
Is it only me who sees a dirty ass with a hairy explosion on top? If it's a spandex contest, why can't a promo photo feature someone living dressed in spandex? Big Grin

Or is my imagination on a low note this days?
I agree with with you Like Ra. I see a nude ass with ink. Very little spandex. If this were a spandex contest, I would vote on the tightness of spandex, the colors used and novel use of the spandex as well.

If I wanted to a butt hole, I would look in my mirror. At lease my Butt Hole is clean.
got lots of spandex, but this makes me NOT want to enter it

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