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Anyone know the title of this movie?
Probably made in the early seventies, it featured a female jewel thief. In the only scene I remember the heroine (villainess?) was dressed in a black leotard and tights and opened a safe using only her toes. I think it may have had 'ice' in the title.
Female jewel thief ?
Did she leave a calling card, like a white glove?
Maybe a sub character to the main character.
The Bond films had lots of sexy girls in them.
Movie or TV?
The only thing I remember distinctly was that a girl in a classic black long sleeved leotard and sheer-ish stirrup or footless tights laid on her back on the floor and demonstrated her safe-cracking skills to a gangster by breaking into a safe just by manipulating (if that's the right word) the dial with her toes. Maybe it was as late as the early eighties but I don't recall footless tights or leggings being fashionable before then.
Though I definitely think it's earlier than that. Maybe the fitness trend of the eighties drew on an earlier dancers' fashion?
Closest that comes to mind is "Entrapment" with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones but that was 1999. If I can get hold of my film and TV guru friend... will ask her
Sorry Vanessa, but this movie's from my youth, definitely not 1999. More like '79 I'd have thought.
Ah Ha!
I've just found a reference to a 1981 movie called 'Green Ice'. It has 'Ice' in the title a as I mentioned, it fits roughly with my idea of the date, it also features a mysterious woman and some emeralds.

It also seems to be more-or-less on You-tube so I'll have a look/see.
Ok, a movie from the late 70s, a gangster?
Was the movie based in the 60s, or maybe on the 70s.
Did you see a telephone? Old style, as in rotatery or buttons?
What did other people wear?

I am thinking maybe it might have been a TV show.

Any other hints?

I love puzzles.
Green Ice?
(01 Jan 2014, 00:38 )Tinker D Wrote: Green Ice?

If I hadn't faffed about editing I'd have beaten you by a minute or two, I think Smile
Took a shot.
A movie about a guy, down on his luck, gets involved with a female jewel theif and ?????

Sorry, didn't see the movie.

Good puzzle.

But I just got an idea, a self bondage with spy gear, clothing, and a timer.
Sounds like a good idea for some late nite fun.

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