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Any good free video hosters?
Does anybody know any good video hoster, that allows mild erotic? Yesterday YouTube blocked my account for no obvious reason (there was no even mild erotic stuff in that file), and it became too unreliable for fetish stuff. ceased to exist.

Xtube, pornhub, redtube (it's one company) is a viable alternative, but their ad campaign is too annoying with lots of nasty pop-ups.
With your skills, how come you can’t build your own server?
(10 Oct 2018, 14:10 )Tinker D Wrote: With your skills, how come you can’t build your own server?
I already have. It's this site. And I pay for it. But the space is limited. To get more space, I need to pay more. See the problem? Wink
Ok, now I understand.
You’re almost as broke as I am.

Ok, I have a question?
Just how much yearly does it cost to build a server? And it’s yearly cost?
I run Pinball machines so I know what these cost to run.
Have a look at this post for the ultimate annual goal:

The current hosting only costs are $492 per year. Plus DNS (~$10/year). So, let's say $500.

Monthly backup costs $10 extra.

The current disk storage is 160GB (111GB free).
The upgrade to the next level (320GB disk, 6 cores, 16MB RAM) costs additional $480/year. You can't buy more disk space without upgrading the whole package.
You still didn’t answer my question.
How much would it cost to build a terabyte computer to store videos and connect it to the internet?
A simple server can be put together using linex and set it up so that this site is the only site that can access its data.

Or am I simply over simplifying things?
Ah, I see now. Server @home has both advantages (price) and disadvantages (primarily availability and network speed) Also, integrating such solution into the existing forum/blog software will be very tricky.

So I would say, that home computer is not an option.
Ok, I understand now.
A basic home pc is not an ideal choice to be used as a server because of the speed and the fact you may not have access to a T1 internet line or Fiber optic access portal/connection.
I actually thought about that when I was playing with the neural network chatbot idea - to have the NN running @home with a web-interface on the Internet server. But unlike files (which should be "immediately" available 365x24x7), you can turn the chatbot off from time to time, or you can sacrifice the response time.
(10 Oct 2018, 17:02 )Tinker D Wrote: and the fact you may not have access to a T1 internet line or Fiber optic access portal/connection.
Yes. Currently I have 100Mbdown/30Mbup, what is more, than enough for Internet browsing and uploading, but is way too slow for servicing file/video requests from the whole world. 100Mb fibre is also too slow. Currently the server sits on a 40Gbps network. Worldwide caching (e.g. Cloudflare) is an option, but it costs money and break some dynamic aspects.

And I prefer to turn all equipment off if I'm on vacation, what will break external caching anyway.

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