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Any good free video hosters?
(10 Oct 2018, 17:02 )Tinker D Wrote: Ok, I understand now.
A basic home pc is not an ideal choice to be used as a server because of the speed and the fact you may not have access to a T1 internet line or Fiber optic access portal/connection.

Lol only banks (maybe) use T1 now. That being said generally you do not want to host video on a single server due to latency, this is where CDNs come in.
CDNs are good for caching static files with no authentication. If authentication/authorization is needed (and they are needed in the forum) things are getting very complex. The current traffic is not that heavy, the storage is SSD, so for the time being I do not see any issues saving not big files locally. But I would prefer to keep big videos (80MB and larger) on a 3d party server and hot link them in the forum (what does not require authentication).
I use or have used a few more of the free sites: and - though they both suffer from those annoying pop-ups/adverts I can forgive them as they are after all free.

(12 Oct 2018, 08:54 )madjack Wrote:
Does vimeo allow "reasonably adult" videos?
Thanks guys! Let's try vimeo, I definitely prefer this one to any of the x/red/pron-tubes.
The latex catsuit video is moved to
Vimeo seems like a great option!
Vimeo free account allows 500MB max a week with a total limit of 5GB. Better than nothing, but definitely not enough.
Some more to try out:
Let's see if Bitchute is reliable enough. It works differently from the other video hosters - while you are watching the video, your browser distributes it via bittorrent protocol.