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Another fetish sport: Roller Derby?
It seems almost all the Roller Derby girls wear fishnet, patterned, shiny or coloured tights...some of the men too...

Some ladies:

1.jpg thumbnail    2.jpg thumbnail    3.jpg thumbnail    4.jpg thumbnail    5.jpg thumbnail    6.jpg thumbnail    7.jpg thumbnail    8.jpg thumbnail    9.jpg thumbnail    10.jpg thumbnail    11.jpg thumbnail    12.jpg thumbnail    13.jpg thumbnail    15.jpg thumbnail    16.jpg thumbnail    17.jpg thumbnail    18.jpg thumbnail    19.jpg thumbnail    20.jpg thumbnail    14.jpg thumbnail    21.jpg thumbnail    22.jpg thumbnail    23.jpg thumbnail    24.jpg thumbnail    25.jpg thumbnail    26.jpg thumbnail    27.jpg thumbnail    28.jpg thumbnail    29.jpg thumbnail    30.jpg thumbnail    31.jpg thumbnail    32.jpg thumbnail    33.jpg thumbnail    34.jpg thumbnail    35.jpg thumbnail    36.jpg thumbnail    37.jpg thumbnail    38.jpg thumbnail    39.jpg thumbnail    40.jpg thumbnail   

...and some guys.

a.jpg thumbnail    b.jpg thumbnail    c.jpg thumbnail    d.jpg thumbnail    e.jpg thumbnail    f.jpg thumbnail   
The guy (5th photo in the bottom row) is wearing thin transparent shiny black tights! Wow!
Just posted: What is the fetish sport #1? Roller derby or girls in fishnets and men in shiny pantyhose
DEFINITELY!!! Here in Sheffield, England, there is a little growing interest in Rollerderby, but it appears to be entirely for girls. I would love to help set up a Men's team here; maybe even a Gay Mens Team for the region. Anyone interested do pm me. I have done a little ice-skating and also rollerblading, but nothing fast or dangerous yet, the rollerblading has been mainly mainly in drag shows I do on stage, so I will also have to get some decent practice in...

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