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Another Armbinder
I ordered a special armbinder, the one on this site: . So far I have no clue how to use it in SB, but it is all laced, so I might find a way. This is part of the fun anyway 😊
This armbinder is in my wish list. Let's see if it can be used alone.

Mentioned here:

Can be also bought on eBay here.
Odd, I thought I had posted a report about this armbinder.

In the original way I could not get it on, so I added lacing to the front. Now I can get it on with wide open lacing, I have to enter one arm after the other which is a bit of a struggle. It turned out that no matter how tight the front lacing or the other one is, it is easy to get one hand out and from there it is seconds to get the elbow out as well.

After those results and a bit of thinking I put that armbinder away. Today, I got a new idea, just a bit late to try it. The main trouble is that I can get the hands out so easily. Now I consider using a belt to tie the armbag to the torso. It must be a self-tightening sort of belt, so I can pull it tight once I am inside the armbinder. I might try tomorrow. I have to find a way to fix the belt to the armbinder or it can slip off.
I thought this armbinder already had such a strap. Built-in. The next question is how to undo it. Connect a loop/rope to the buckle/panic-hook?
(31 Jul 2010, 02:32 )Like Ra Wrote: I thought this armbinder already had such a strap. Built-in. The next question is how to undo it. Connect a loop/rope to the buckle/panic-hook?

That strap is not connected to the armbinder. As for opening, I'll find a way. If the basic idea works, I will consider sewing a new armbinder using my fancy fabric. The original is a bit too small on the shoulders and I consider making one similar to the bolero armbinder (straight arms), i.e. with a zipper on the backside.
Probably you can use one-way buckles/rachets connected through a panic hook or schnappschäkel:

The panic hook is a good idea for a test series at least. Good for testing a lot of things indeed.

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