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Full Version: Alternative wax release method
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I found this yesterday, and i thought immediatly at selfbondage and of course all of you. I think someone here will appreciate  😁

Fun! 😉 But too dangerous.
For some reason the clip is uncomplete.. Just check this 

Why dangerous Ra? It will automatically blow out itself...
Yea, my device can't play this.

But here is my take.
Anytime you use wax, you need heat.
If you use a candle, like I'm guessing, three things can happen.
1> it works correctly and you can escape.
2> the flame blows out and your now stuck.
3> the flame burns the place down and you die.

I'll stick with the ice cube and hoes.

Like I said, my device can't play this clip.
Try this animated gif since the video isn't working for you:
Yep, a candle.