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All things wigs
A couple of months ago I bought my first wig, but, while the quality is quite good, the result is rather ridiculous - I look like an ageing rock ’n’ roller Big Grin  And yes, I did some investigation and played with various smartphone apps, that let you try various hair styles.

Sooooo.... If you have any advices, ideas, practical tips, tutorials, information related to wigs, styles, off- and online shops, apps, examples, etc related to wigs - this is the thread!
Mee too. I’m looking at the following wig, but I also would like to know how to discretely store one so that I don’t need to be a hair stylist when I want to take it out and wear it. Smile

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I have bought quite a few.
Did absolutely nothing for me. Made me look like Bozo.
Total zero for me.
Something scary.

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I’m actually going to use it in a full encasement scenario such as this:


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I tried the wig with 70den support tights on my head, still no... At least I need the style, that I found more or less suitable in the phone app, but I can't find such a wig.
Can you post a pic of the wig style you’re looking for?
I bought this wig:

Short-Blonde-Bob-Wig-Ombre-Wig-with-Brown-Roots-Straight-Synthetic-Hair-Wigs-for-Women-01.jpg thumbnail    Short-Blonde-Bob-Wig-Ombre-Wig-with-Brown-Roots-Straight-Synthetic-Hair-Wigs-for-Women-02.jpg thumbnail    Short-Blonde-Bob-Wig-Ombre-Wig-with-Brown-Roots-Straight-Synthetic-Hair-Wigs-for-Women-06.jpg thumbnail   

In this shop: Kryssma

Extremely fast shipping, extremely good packing, very good quality, comes with two "knee highs" for the head and a "fishnet" to store the wig in. But... I do not look like the girl on the photos Wink

The measurements match, but it looks like the wig is too small for both me an my wife. It could be that we need a different construction. Dunno...
(25 Aug 2018, 21:00 )tightslip00 Wrote: Can you post a pic of the wig style you’re looking for?
Hm.. That's difficult... It was one of the styles from an Android app I removed a couple of months ago Big Grin
I don't find  wigs sexy per se, it's more that I can't achieve the looks I do find sexy without them. 

If you see what I mean.

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