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All things Aaron Carty.
There's an ex-police officer named Aaron Carty who had his fifteen minutes of fame a year or so ago lip-synching  on 'Britain's Got Talent' as a Beyoncé Knowles impersonator in some interesting leotards, tights and heels.

However, he often didn't appear to have a very good tuck, either quite bulky
tuck1.jpg thumbnail   

or oddly angular.
tuck3.jpg thumbnail   

Recently I found his version of his 'Grown Woman' performance and was just thinking how things weren't very different in the tuck department
tuck4.jpg thumbnail   
when I spotted this
tuck5.jpg thumbnail   

It can't be a 'Birdlocked' chastity device, can it? Because if he's realised his problem and is performing crammed into something like this
birdlocked.jpg thumbnail   

his act just became about 1000% more interesting.
(21 May 2016, 11:23 )culmor Wrote: and I spotted this
I wonder if there are any hi-rez videos. Something is definitely shining like metal.
I was reminded of Aaron recently when I was on a major Cosplay website and in the Crossplay forum a poster recommended male crossplayers wear a pantyliner partly to help hide  the two bumps that can be slightly visible after tucking and but mostly to absorb leakage owing to '...what you're wearing or the attention you're getting'.
Given that Aaron seems to be struggling to control his tuck a lot of the time I strongly suspect that's what's going on here.

Trying a new reply as the photo uploader isn't working properly again...

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It does look like  a reinforced dance tight gusset over a panty-liner to me; it's  nice to know he enjoys his work Wink

Quote:Given that Aaron seems to be struggling to control his tuck a lot of the time...

Exhibit 1.

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A double post but done with the intention of keeping all  the Aaron Carty pics in one place. I wonder if it's possible to change the title of the thread?

Exhibit 2.

Exhibit2.jpg thumbnail   

I can't say I remember Bey doing this move...

(12 Feb 2017, 05:42 )culmor Wrote: I wonder if it's possible to change the title of the thread?
Sure, just edit the first post in the thread. Or tell me what you want to change it to.
Aaron at The Tropicana, Covent Garden (London) a couple of weeks ago. That doesn't look... comfortable.

AC1.jpg thumbnail    AC2.jpg thumbnail   

Some pics from a recent performance by Aaron.

AC1.jpg thumbnail    AC2.jpg thumbnail    AC3.jpg thumbnail    AC4.jpg thumbnail    AC6.jpg thumbnail    AC5.jpg thumbnail   

I was just thinking how I liked how his netskins(?) are visible under the sheer parts of his leotard when I noticed something changes between the last two pics.

AC7.jpg thumbnail   

Curiouser and curiouser ...

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(16 Jul 2017, 06:39 )culmor Wrote: I noticed something changes between the last two pics
Is there a video?