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A new story: Jessie and Annie meet Ms. Dayna
Hello happy reader. 
I wrote this short story a few years ago when I was chatting with a blonde girl on Facebook. Her name is Jessie and she has a younger sister called Annie. Jessie has 'issues' with her family, in particular with her sister and father. While she clearly loves her sister very much, she is also extremely jealous of her. Jealousy to the point of destruction. Jessie has other unusual 'issues' too, for example she 'needs' to expose herself to strangers - that's how I met her. She 'needs' public degradation and humiliation, which is why she posts photos of herself, naked, masturbating, etc. on porn platforms.
She has also obtained naked photos of her sister and she posts these too. Sometimes she even pretends to BE her sister when chatting with perverts on these sites.
But I am a nice guy. I have spent a long time getting to know Jessie and trying to help her to stop endangering herself - opening herself to blackmail, or hurting her family and friends.
As I said to her, if you must expose yourself, do it with me. I will not hurt you. I will not expose or blackmail you. We can 'play' whatever games you want, but I will not do anything that will hurt you. I think I helped her. She is now married and has a young daughter.
This short story was written at her request, about her and her sister (they are not twins though). I have written other short stories for her too.
If you like this story, let me know and I can add further chapters, characters, or plots - if you have a fantasy to include, let me know.
I hope you enjoy it.

Story: Jessie and Annie meet Miss Dayna

Jessie and Annie were twins, not identical twins though, and apart from a shared birthday they had very little in common.

Both the girls were 14 and very pretty. They were also intelligent, but even in these things they were different. Annie was studious and shy, with long dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She was a straight ‘A’ student, serious and diligent, but she was small for her age and could easily pass for 12 or 13 years old. Jessie on the other hand was blonde and had blue eyes. She was smart and mischievous, and could be mistaken for being 15 or even 16, with well-developed breasts and long athletic legs.

Jessie had a wicked sense of humour and loved to play practical jokes, often getting into trouble, and usually dragging her poor sister into taking part of the blame.

And so it was on this Tuesday afternoon that the two sisters found themselves standing in front of the desk of the new school Principle, Miss Dayna. Just before lunch they had been in the swimming class, and Jessie had been first back to the changing rooms after the lesson. Before the other girls could get back, she had run around mixing up all the girls’ underwear! Of course the sports teacher had known immediately who was to blame, but Jessie had insisted that it was Annie’s idea. Unsure what action to take, and despite Annie’s protests, both the sisters had been sent to Miss Dayna’s office for punishment.

Dayna Dalton had just become the youngest school Principle in the country. She was beautiful, ambitious, and intelligent. With long dark hair, an impish smile, and a model’s figure, she knew the effect that her looks had on men and women, and she used every trick to get what she wanted.

Miss Dayna looked up at the two schoolgirls standing in front of her desk. It was hard to believe they were sisters let alone twins. She glanced down at their files lying open on the desk in front of her. Annie’s record was spotless, except for pranks like this involving her sister. Jessie though was a repeat troublemaker, constantly being disruptive and impertinent.

Dayna drummed her fingers on the wooden desktop as she considered what to do. It was obvious that in this case Annie was innocent and that Jessie and caused the mayhem in the locker room, but what to do? She looked the two girls up and down, assessing them. Annie wore her school uniform like a model student, her grey pleated skirt falling to just above her cute knees, the white, knee-high socks perfectly aligned, and black shoes gleaming. Her tie was well knotted and hung elegantly down the front of her white school blouse.

Jessie’s skirt was much too short, barely covering her smooth, tanned thighs. Her blouse was too tight and strained across her developing breasts, while her tie was insolently tied to hang barely halfway down her chest. And her shoes definitely exceeded the school limit with regard to heel height. She looked like every dirty pervert’s idea of a slutty schoolgirl!

Miss Dayna frowned and said, “You two girls are a disgrace to the school! I’ve looked at your records, and it seems that my predecessor failed miserably in keeping you under control – well I intend to correct that.”

Annie looked down at her feet, sniffing as though she was about to cry. Jessie was smirking and looking around the room, she didn’t seem to care what the Principle thought.

“I’m new here,” Miss Dayna continued, her frown deepening. “But I can tell you that I use VERY different methods to deal with disruptive students like YOU!” She raised her voice as she said this last word, leaning back in her leather executive chair.

Jessie suddenly pricked up her ears and turned back to look at the woman in front of her. There was something in her voice that sounded… threatening.

“Yes,” Miss Dayna said, a smirk playing around her pretty red lips, “I believe in old-fashioned discipline. If students don’t respond to modern teaching methods, then we must revert to corporal punishment, I’ve found that it works quite well.”

“But, but, that’s illegal!” Jessie blurted out. “You can’t do that.”

Dayna laughed. It was a pretty sound, but there was an edge to it that Jessie didn’t like. Annie just shuffled her feet and sniffled, her eyes fixed firmly on her shoes.

The Principle rose from behind her desk and walked over to the door. She turned the key and locked them in.

“Now then, I think it’s time we got things back under control, don’t you girls?” Miss Dayna said, slowly making her way back to the desk. She moved a high-backed visitors chair from the wall to the centre of the room and sat down on it.

“I think we’ll start with you Jessie, come over here,” the Principle ordered, with a vicious gleam in her eyes. 

“No, no I won’t, you can’t do this, I’ll tell my Dad!” Jessie stammered, a scared look appearing on her face for the first time.

“Your parents are divorced aren’t they?” Miss Dayna said, “Your Father is a doctor and your Mother is a Marketing Director, what do you think they will say if you are expelled? It’s your choice. Either you take your medicine and change your ways, or I will expel you and Annie. You decide.“ She sat back and crossed her arms, there was no doubt in her mind what the girls would choose.

Annie was blubbering now, big fat tears rolling down her pretty cheeks and dripping onto the carpet in front of her shiny black shoes.

“Shit!” Jessie thought to herself. “This bitch knows that we can’t get expelled. Dad and Mum will go nuts if we’re kicked out.” The girls’ parents had divorced years ago, and their mother had reverted back to her maiden name, insisting that the girls take her family name. They still saw a lot of their Dad, and they knew it would break his heart if they got into real trouble.

“Well?” The Principle demanded coldly. “What is it to be Jessie?”

Jessie looked at Miss Dayna with hatred in her eyes, but stepped forward to stand in front of her. “Okay Miss, so what do you want me to do?”

“Excellent!” Dayna thought to herself, but kept her face serious. “My first converts. Once I’ve got them broken, I can get anything from them that I want!”

“I’m going to give you a spanking,” Miss Dayna said, looking up at the tall blonde girl. “Twenty slaps across your bare bottom. Good old-fashioned punishment. Now, take down your panties and lift your skirt.”

Jessie gasped, and Annie whimpered. “Oh no, please!” Jessie pleaded.

“Do it and do it NOW, or I will have you out of this school within the hour!” the Principle hissed through clenched teeth. Dayna knew that if Jessie once took this first beating, then there would be no way back for her.

Slowly Jessie lifted the sides of her short school skirt and hooked her thumbs into her panties. Blushing madly the 14-year-old wriggled the warm cotton down over her thighs, and then pulled them off over her high heel shoes. She held them nervously in front of her in both hands, her eyes not daring to look at the strict woman sitting one step away.

“Good, now then, lift your skirt and bend over my knees. NOW!”

There was no room for disobedience in Miss Dayna’s tone, and Jessie reached down and took hold of the hem of her skirt, lifting it up to her waist. Her face was bright red, and she felt a little faint. Her legs wobbled a little as she stepped to the side of the Principle and then bent forward over the woman’s black knee-length skirt.

Annie couldn’t believe her eyes. She was watching through blurry tears as her sister bent across the young woman’s lap. There was a satisfied smile on the Principle’s beautiful face as the girl’s weight settled across her thighs. Annie had never seen anyone else but their Dad do this. Whenever they had been naughty at home he had taken them across his knee and punished them this way. He had always been nice afterwards, touching and kissing them, and making them feel better with his fingers and lips. But no one outside the family had ever done anything like this.

“Good, now then, we will start,” announced Miss Dayna, raising her right hand, and holding the girl down with her left. “This is for your own good!”

Jessie grunted when the first slap came. It wasn’t too bad; their Dad did it much harder.

Dayna loved the feeling of the young girl’s pert ass cheeks. Soft and smooth, they looked like a delicate peach. Her hand left a red imprint across the right buttock. She caressed the soft warm flesh, and let her hand move slowly over the roundness and down the girl’s thigh.

SLAP! SLAP! The sounds of the slow beating sounded loud in the Principle’s office.

After each blow Dayna allowed her hand to linger on the reddening ass cheeks. She was breathing hard, and was a little surprised at the lack of reaction from the girl on her lap. Yes she grunted a little at each slap, but she was not crying or begging for mercy.

Dayna slipped her hand between the thighs of the blonde girl and ran a finger over the smooth lips of her pussy. Jessie moaned a little and opened her legs wider. The Principle couldn’t resist a delighted smile and pressed her fingers harder against the girl’s moist slit.

SLAP! SLAP! The Principle continued the punishment. But now, in between blows, she slipped a finger inside the virgin spread over her lap. The girl was getting quite wet now and moaned loudly as she fingered her. What a slut she was!

Miss Dayna looked across at Annie and noticed that she was watching the beating from the corner of her eye. She was flushed and licking her lips.

“What a pair of sluts!” Dayna thought to herself. She dipped her fingers once again into the soft, oozing slit of the 14-year-old, and then raised the slimy digits to her lips, first sniffing the heady scent, and then licking the juice. She smiled at the delightful taste of virgin pussy – it had been quite a while since she had fucked a virgin, but now she had two at once!

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The punishment continued slowly, with the sound of the blows intermingled with the moans of the schoolgirl, who was clearly approaching orgasm across the Principal’s knee.


Dayna herself was now flushed and feeling incredibly horny. Her own panties were more than just damp, and the sexual arousal of the young girl was contagious.

“Enough!” husked Miss Dayna. “Now it’s your turn Annie, get over here.”

Jessie had finally reached her climax as her ass burned and her clit jerked against the intruding finger of the Head Mistress. Only her Daddy had ever made her feel this good before, but her breath was ragged as she slowly climbed off Miss Dayna’s lap. Jessie’s knees wobbled as she pulled herself upright and leaned against the desk for support, panting.

Annie stepped in front of the Principle. The woman was obviously aroused and was breathing heavily as she said, “Okay Annie, take off your panties and get down over my lap. NOW!

Annie looked at Jessie, who was still breathless and trying to recover.  “Please Miss,” she moaned, “I didn’t do anything, really. Honest. It wasn’t me.”

“You are just as bad as your sister, now, do as I say!” Dayna knew very well that Annie was innocent, but the thought of punishing her anyway was even more exciting. Her pussy twitched in anticipation.

Annie sniffled back a sob, and more tears flowed down her pretty face, but she did as she was told.

Dayna watched with horny fascination as the young girl wriggled out of a pair of sexy black silk panties.

Annie saw the question on the Principle’s face and said, “My Dad bought them for me; he likes me to wear silky underwear.” She blushed even harder than before.

“And what else does your Daddy like you to do?” Dayna asked, making a joke and not expecting much of an answer.

“Well,” Annie replied nervously, “he likes us to dress up for him. Since Mum left, he says we need to take care of him and be good to him. So, we do lots of stuff to make him happy, and sometimes he spanks us like you are, if we’re bad.”

Dayna was so surprised she almost fell off the chair. “You mean he spanks you? And you have sex with your Dad?” she stammered.

Annie nodded and said, “Well, we don’t do full sex, we’re both virgins, but we do oral and he likes us to sit on his face, play like we’re dominating him. He loves that, and he buys us lots of sexy clothes and shoes and stuff. But he gets angry if we don’t do what he wants.”

“The FUCKER!” thought Dayna angrily. “What a perverted BASTARD!”

“Well, we’ll have to change that,” Dayna said to the girls, looking from one to the other. “That’s not right. I think I’ll have to call your Dad in for a meeting.” She was furious that the two girls were being molested and sexually abused by their father.

“Oh no, please don’t tell him we told you,” Annie whimpered. “He’ll be mad, and he’s really a nice guy, he doesn’t hurt us, not really!”

“We’ll see,” Miss Dayna said. “Now then, get down over my lap.”

As Annie moved to bend down, Danya decided to change position. She wanted some relief herself, and with the usual position there was no pressure on her pussy or clit, so it was almost impossible for her to climax.

To help get herself off, Dayna lifted her skirt up to her waist, displaying to the two schoolgirls the wonderful sight of slim, silky thighs. She opened her legs and let Annie bend over her left thigh, then she closed her legs and pulled the young girl’s hip into her crotch, her damp panties pushed tight against Annie’s left thigh.

Annie was bent almost double over the Principle’s left leg, but she soon forgot the discomfort as Dayna started stroking her plump, satin-smooth ass. The sight of her sister being beaten, and then reaching her orgasm had aeady aroused Annie, and she could feel a deep heat growing between her legs. As the Principle raised her hand to begin the thrashing, Annie opened her legs as far as possible, offering her virgin pussy up for Dayna to abuse.

“I want you to count out loud each slap Annie,” the Principle said, her voice husky and breathless from her arousal. She pressed her pussy hard against the young girl, feeling the firm flesh hard against her sopping cunt.

“If you lose count, we will have to start all over again, so…let’s start,” Dayna hissed at the vulnerable girl, raising her hand.

SLAP! SLAP! Echoed around the room, and Annie grunted with each blow. She jerked as Dayna’s palm delivered a stinging slap, and Annie’s thigh rubbed wonderfully against the front of Dayna’s soaked panties.

“Mmmm…” the Principle moaned, as her juices flowed. She had always been highly lubricated when she was aroused, and many of her boyfriends and girlfriends had struggled to swallow the huge quantities of sweet nectar that flowed from her hole. Now the slippery lubricant was oozing out of her drenched panties, trickling down her thighs, and dripping onto the carpet.

SLAP! SLAP! Annie’s head was almost resting on the floor, and she was using her hands to support her weight, but the fire in her ass was growing, and the heat in her pussy was getting out of control. She groaned with each slap, but she wasn’t counting.

Dayna paused in the beating sweat dripping from her brow. Her arm was aching, but it was a good ache! She ran a finger down between Annie’s tight ass cheeks, between the girl’s thighs, and up and down the soft, wet lips of her pussy.

“You’ve made a mistake Annie,” the Principle sniggered; you haven’t been counting. Now we’ll have to start all over again!”

“Oooooh…nooooo!” little Annie wailed. But a part of her wanted more, and harder, and that part of her was burning between her legs.

SLAP! SLAP! “One. Two,” hissed Annie, as the hard blows restarted on her angelic ass.

Miss Dayna pressed the young girl harder into her crotch and manoeuvred her clit into just the right position to benefit from the girl’s wriggling.

SLAP! SLAP! “Three. Four,” Annie gasped. Her ass was on fire. The blows were almost as hard as when Daddy did it, but Miss Dayna’s fingers were much more skilled in finding her virgin clit among the soft folds of her soaking pussy. She was getting dizzy from the waves of pleasure pulsing up from her teased slit.

“You, Jessie, come and stand here in front of me. And lift your skirt for me,” the Principle ordered. She was almost at the point of reaching her own sweet climax now, but she wanted it to last a little longer yet.

SLAP! SLAP! “Five. Six.” Miss Dayna was able to ease two fingers deep inside Annie now. Her juices soaked the Principle’s hand.

Dayna pulled her slippery fingers from the girl’s soaking pussy and held them to her nose to sniff. “Wonderful,” she breathed. Then she put the fingers in her mouth and tasted her second virgin of the day.

SLAP! SLAP! “Seven. Eight.”

The Principle slipped her fingers back inside the young girl and felt for her hymen. Yes, she could just feel the blockage deep inside the schoolgirl. She pulled her hand away, juice coating it from fingertip to palm. She looked up at the flushed face of Jessie, standing barely a yard away, her skirt up around her waist, her bald pussy lips glistening with slime.

“Here you are slut,” the Principle said, offering her fingers to Annie’s sister. “Taste this. Clean them for me!” There was a fiendishly perverted look on the woman’s face that made Jessie quiver with excitement. She hadn’t met anyone this perverted since her Dad!

Jessie took a step forward, bent, and took the slimy fingers in her mouth. Her eyes were locked on those of Miss Dayna. She slowly sucked and licked the Principle’s fingers and hand clean of her sister’s sweet cunt juice.

Watching Jessie sucking her own sister’s pussy juice off her hand caused Dayna’s pussy to go into overdrive, pumping out so much liquid that her legs were soaked in it. She decided that it was time to go for orgasm.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The blows rained down on Annie’s ass so hard and fast that the poor girl couldn’t keep up. She moaned and grunted with the fire in her ass, and somehow Miss Dayna’s left knee was pressing against her pussy.

“Oh GOD, I’m cumming!” Screamed through Annie’s brain as the pain mounted in her ass, and the pleasure exploded in her pussy.  She groaned and bucked as she came.

As Annie wriggled and squirmed, she rubbed against Dayna’s liquid pussy, and pressed irresistibly onto the woman’s clit.

Dayna came… HARD! She threw back her head and opened her mouth in a silent scream of total pleasure, finally stopping the beating that had driven Annie over the edge.

Miss Dayna released Annie from between her legs and the girl fell in a breathless heap at her feet.

Jessie was totally in shock. It was amazing! She had just watched her sister spanked to orgasm by the school Principle. And the Principle had just masturbated on the leg of her sister… AWESOME! Her own juices oozed down her thighs, and she needed to cum again, but she knew that she would have to wait.

“Aight you two bitches,” Miss Dayna panted as she stood up and removed her dripping panties. “Get yourselves dressed, and go back to class. And I want you both back here at the end of school…we have some… special lessons for you to catch up on.”

As the two schoolgirls pulled their panties back up their smooth legs, and adjusted their skirts, Miss Dayna took out a clean pair of knickers from a drawer and pulled them on. Her pussy still throbbed and oozed, but at least the flow had slowed. She put the soaked pair in a plastic bag and into her desk, she would use them later as a gag for the girls who were now turning to leave her office.

The Principle slumped exhausted into her leather chair and waited for her next appointment to arrive.

“Jesus!” she thought, “I’ve hit the jackpot here. Two sluts aeady under control, and their Daddy available as well. I wonder if I can get Mummy too?”

She was smiling contentedly when her phone rang to tell her that her guests had arrived for their meeting.
Amazing story! This is superhot!

I actually enjoy your writing style 😊
Great story. Please do a 2nd chapter.
@bob_masters is a great story-teller 😉

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