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Story time - "The consulting job"
A brief preface on how this story developed:

If you're familiar with my posts and persona, I have been a little bi-curious lately. Well, for close to a year now.
Still haven't been able to act on it, but from time to time I browse the local "Men seeking men" classifieds, on the one hand as fuel for thought and on the other hand on the off chance I find an intriguing entry and consequently, possibly a match.

A while back I came across an ad from a gay couple who were looking for a third. While that certainly would have been quite an excessive debut into the scene for me (I did not contact them), it made a train of thought leave the station that has kept me onboard and busy for quite a while now.

It started by me imagining driving out to visit them. After a short introduction, we would sit down on a couch, have some drinks and get to know each other. Eventually, they would start putting their hands on my thighs while slowly beginning to rub and stroke their (still clothed) crotches to "get the bloodflow going". In this particular fantasy, I would act surprised and reluctant, as they open their pants, pull out their (obviously) gorgeous cocks and gently, but unrelentingly start to force me taking turns going down on them until the threesome eventually shifts into a steamy spitroast with me in the middle, getting used and dominated until they finally both climax and fill me up with their hot cum from both ends.

The following story evolved around this basic idea, with some additions, alterations, twists and a considerably stronger vibe of non-consent. But given the forum's interest in extreme makeover hypnosis and submission, I figured it might tickle the one or other's fancy.

The following contains depictions of non-consenual intercourse between men, forced captivity and various methods of submission with numerous fetish aspects thrown in for good measure. Personally I don't think it's too drastic, but on the other hand, I maybe got a little carried away in parts. It's hard to tell when you're immersed in developing a story. And by "developing" I mean I made a lot of the story up as I went and added predicaments as I felt.

Also, I'm not a native english speaker. Not everything (or anything at all) concerning motivations, feasability of scenarios or other facets may hold up to scrutiny. Furthermore, I hate proofreading.
Remember, you can stop reading anytime.

@Like Ra, if anything is beyond the boundaries of this forum, feel free to delete.
Life's too short to pretend you're not into some kinky shit.
Part I

Aiden had recently started his own business as an on-call support technician. Troubleshooting computers, fixing spotty internet connections or helping customers figure out what kind of hardware best suited their needs - and procuring it for them - was his bread and butter. He had done it for friends and family for years, so he had decided to take the plunge and make it his profession a couple of months back. In order to diversify, he had added security system installation to his portfolio as well. Money was surprisingly good - luckily, since he and his wife found out not too long ago that they were expecting their first child.

His current consultation was promising as well - he had received a call from an estate just out of town. He had driven past the address frequently and admired the slick, modernist architectural style of the mansion. Slightly brutalist, yet elegant. If he could land a contract for a security system covering the house and its periphery - including maintenance - it would give him some nice financial padding for things to come.

As he drove up to the gate, he went through the usual sales spiel in his mind and listed all the selling points for the premium line of his security systems, when he suddenly was startled by the intercom. He hadn't even pressed the buzzer yet.
"Hello, drive right up please. I am going to open the garage for you, we need to keep the driveway clear for some deliveries. If you could park inside, that'd be great. There's a stairway in the garage that will lead you right up to  the living area." "Uhm... ok", Aiden replied, as the gate slowly slid aside.
Approaching the house, he noticed the ramp to the left leading down to an underground garage. He carefully threaded his vehicle down the slope, the last thing he wanted to do was scratch the pristine, white walls.

Upon entering the garage, his jaw dropped. He counted eight car ports, four on each side, with all but three of them occupied by high-end vehicles. Aiden wasn't exactly a car enthusiast, but he immediately recognized a matte black AMG Mercedes-Benz, and a pearly teal Aston-Martin Vantage - which was the dream car he knew he would never be able to afford.
A vintage muscle car, complete with racing stripes and the number "69" - really? - emblazoned on the hood and two giant SUVs with tinted windows rounded off the collection. He must have ogled the lineup for well over a minute before he snapped out of it. "Oh my", he sighed, as he aimed his woefully outclassed compact at the car port farthest away from the fleet. He grabbed his leather case - a gift from his wife to commemorate the launch of his business - with the sales brochures, exited the car and headed for the only door at the far end of the garage as the gate slowly and silently closed behind him.

Aiden was aeady expected at the top of the stairs. A man, probably in his late thirties, early forties stood in the door, looked down at him and greeted him with a bassy, booming voice. "You must be Aiden. I'm Rory. Glad you could squeeze me in on such short notice. Come on up." As Aiden approached the ground floor, he started to realize that his potential client was built like a truck. Despite not being exactly short himself, Rory towered over him at least one head taller. And he was massive. Not overweight or obese, just ... wide. He was wearing a tight fitting V-neck and a pair of slacks that did little to hide the fact that Rory worked out. A lot.

"Pleased to meet you", Rory bellowed as he extended his hand. It was as big as a plate. Aiden's hand looked like a child's hand in comparison as he went and shook it. Soft skin though, he noticed. Well groomed. Rory's short black hair was neatly parted at the side and slicked over with some product. His matching black beard was carefully and perfectly trimmed. Rory was clearly a man who took good care of himself and valued his appearance.

"Please, this way", Rory said, gesturing towards the living room area.
"Before we take the tour and talk security, would you mind taking a look at the laptop over there? It's been acting up lately and loses both the wireless and bluetooth connections. It's driving me mad.", he added, as they approached the dining table. "Sure, I can give it a peek", Aiden replied, as he sat down in front of the computer.

"Great", Rory responded. The password is 'laaksonen', double a, all lower case. No wait, I'll just write it down for you."
"Uhm, you should not give out your password or write it down, better put it in yourself, I can wait.", Aiden interjected.
"Oh no worries, I have a feeling I can trust you, Aiden. I can trust you, right?", Rory winked.
"Yes, of course, client confidentiality is a cornerstone in my profession."
"Client confidentiality ... I like it.", Rory laughed. "Here's the password. You do your thing, I'll be right back, aight?" And with that, Rory left Aiden to his business.

Aiden quickly figured out the root of the problem. The update history showed a pending update that appeared to have been aborted when the battery ran out. Part of that update were a set of new connectivity drivers. From the looks of it, the old driver got removed and the laptop shut down before the new drivers were installed properly. He quickly produced a usb drive with generic drivers from his briefcase. These would install, enable the online update and let the operating system download the correct drivers. As the computer did its magic, Aiden leaned back and let his gaze wander. Rory had good and expensive taste, that much was clear from a cursory glance across the wide open living space. Modern art pieces seemed to be strewn about quite randomly, but at a closer look, they complemented each other perfectly and guided the admirer from one set piece to another. Anywhere else it might have come across as tacky, noveaux-riche even, but in this setting, it ... just made sense.

As he returned his attantion back to the computer screen, something caught his eye. In the upper right corner of the desktop, there was a faint, hardly visible folder icon. Burn in? On this type of screen? Couldn't be.
Aiden's professional curiosity - another cornerstone of his job besides confidentiality - got the best of him.
He quickly glanced towards the doorway Rory had retreated to. No sign of his host.
Hesitantly he double clicked the icon and watched as the folder opened and got populated with hundreds of video thumbnails.
Aiden immediately recognized the adult nature of those videos, even though he could not make out any details from the tiny preview images. It was not the first time he came across a client's porn collection while performing maintenance on their computer. Naturally, his usual reaction was to close the folder and never lose a single word about it.
But this time, something urged him to investigate. What type of smut was a man like Rory into? Not that Aiden was judging, it was pure curiosity that pushed him forward.
Again, he looked towards the corner where he had Rory seen disappear. All clear. Nothing could be seen or heard.
He hit the function key doubling as a mute button as to not alert Rory of his little imapproriate sleuthing before clicking on a random thumbnail on the screen. He was not prepared for what he was about to witness.

It wasn't a professional production. It had no intro stinger or title card. Instead, it showed a male body in bondage restraints. He was kneeling, with his ankles tied to a steel bar that spread his legs wide open. His arms were tied behind his back, elbows welded together by rope, with his hands connected with a set of leather cuffs and attached to a chain pulling his arms upward, dangling his torso in parallel to the floor.
Aiden couldn't see the man's face - his head was encased in some sort of hood with tiny openings for his eyes and a larger hole that extended from the upper lip to his chin. A bright red rubber ball was fastened securely in his mouth, with long streaks of spit drooling down. The camera began to move and shakily close in on the man's face. His eyes clearly showed distress, panic even. Aiden could see the man nod reluctantly, but since he had turned down the volume, he did not know what was being said. A pair of disembodied hands appeared from outside the frame and loosened the strap holding the ballgag firmly in place. A big splash of drool poured from the man's mouth as he tried to move his head back, as if in disgust. Without warning, an engorged penis slid into frame, as the bodiless hands grabbed the man's head and forced it towards the rock hard cock. The bound figure struggled visibly to resist, turning the face away and pressing the lips together, making them appear a thin, bloodless line. The hands let go of his head, one grabbing the helpless man by the throat, the other slapping him forcefully across the face. Something was apparently being said, as the man gazed up towards his tormentor's face and, after receiving another open handed slap, nodded in silent, desperate compliance. Slowly, he opened his mouth to receive his captor's quite substantial manhood. As Aiden watched this clearly non-consensual, very one-sided oral pleasuring unfold, the camera moved back and seemed to switch from being handheld to being put down, most likely on a tripod. It now showed the tied up man from the front, but at a slight angle, with his full kneeling body in view, while the man control of his head started thrusting his penis slowly in and out of his mouth. Just as it dawned on Aiden that there had to be another person in the room, he could aeady see the second individual move into the camera's field of view and towards the kneeling man's feet. Just like the other two, he was completely naked.

Aiden gasped audibly once the cameraman-turned-participant reached the end of the bed and turned around to face the lens.
It was Rory. Unmistakenly. The build, the immaculate black hair and beard left no doubt. Frozen with shock, Aiden watched Rory step between the immobilized man's spread legs and force himself on him, moving his hips forward, and, by extension, his phallus slowly but unrelentingly into the exposed ass facing him. The bound man's reaction was imminent. He started thrashing around violently as best as his restraints allowed, which wasn't that much to begin with. He managed to pull back his head and release the penis from his mouth, only to be choked and slapped once more. Meanwhile, Rory grabbed him by his hips, held him in a vise-like grip and continued to push in again. Even without sound enabled, Aiden could tell the man was screaming in protest, but his open mouth was immediately occupied by it's fleshy, yet hard tormentor, pressing in mercilessly until it vanished completely in his throat. The two men continued thrusting into their designated orifices with long and unrelenting strokes, until they managed to sync up their movement and moved their cocks in and out in unison. Suddenly, Aiden was spooked by a reflection on the edge of the computer screen.

"Oh I wish you hadn't seen that. It ruins the surprise." Aiden jumped, startled, not only because he hadn't noticed that Rory had come back into the room, but also by the obvious menace in his voice.

 -- to be continued ...
Life's too short to pretend you're not into some kinky shit.
Part II

And without warning, Rory stepped closer, grabbed Aiden by the back of his hair and slammed his head onto the table. For a brief moment, Aiden was stunned - all he could see were the proverbial - and, as it turned out, quite literal - stars dancing in front of his eyes.
In one fluid motion, Rory yanked both of Aiden's arms back and locked them in a bar hold, while slipping what felt like several coils of rope around his immobilized wrists.
Before he could protest, his hands were pulled up high between his shoulder blades as the restraints were cinched tight. He winced in pain as his arms strained against this rather unusual position. The free end of the rope was quickly led across the front of his neck and jerked down in his back again. As he tried to pull his hands free, he realized in horror that the only thing he would accomplish in doing so was to choke himself out.

"Here's what's going to happen now", Rory hissed into his ear, "you're going to stand up and lie down on your stomach right over there. Don't try to break away - I'm sure you have noticed that you're not going anywhere with that rope around your neck." As Aiden got up, Rory immediately pulled the rope towards the floor and kicked the back of Aiden's knees, making him buckle and dropping down. Only Rory's unrelenting grip on his upper arms prevented him from smashing his face on the marble floor.

"Now, first things first. A little insurance, if you will.", Rory explained, as he sat the full weight of his body down on Aidens lower back, still holding the rope around Aiden's neck taut. "Open your mouth", he commanded. In his distressed state, Aiden did not understand immediately, but a swift pull on the rope threatened to take away his breath, forcing a surprised gasp out of him.
The second he opened his mouth, he felt Rorys enormous hand covering the lower half of his face, forcing a cold, rubbery material between his lips. By shifting it quickly to one side first and then to the other, a layer of the smooth substance extended between his teeth and cheeks. Before he could fully realize what Rory inserted into his mouth, he could feel his cheeks being puffed up, as Rory repeatedly pumped air from a little bulb that connected to his gag via a rubber tubing. While the rubber balloon continued filling out his oral cavity, efficiently muffling Aiden's attempts to articulate his protest, the thin double layer of latex between his lips and teeth expanded as well, forming a perfect, airtight seal against the inside of his stretching lips and cheeks. Any attempt to scream turned into an agitated, yet pityful hum.

"This is a butterfly gag", his captor explained, as he fastened a pair of leather straps behind Aiden's head. A leather panel now held the gag firmly in place. "What's so beautiful about it is, besides rendering you almost completely silent, that if I overinflate it ever so slightly" he said, while giving the bulb some more light squeezes, "it will push the tissue in the back of your mouth up against the passage leading from your nose to your throat..." - he administered two more short pumps - "and it will prevent you from breathing. Just ... like ... this!". And with one final compression, Aiden felt his airways close up completely.

Panic set in immediately, but with his hands immobilized and Rory still sitting on his back, he was completely helpless. He tried to strain and buckle, but to no avail. "Don't struggle, everything is going to be aight", Rory chuckled, as he pressed a little valve on the bulb, causing a bit of air from the gag to emanate with a faint hiss. He could breathe again.
"Now", Rory expressed, "you better behave or I will make you suffocate for a bit longer next time. Do we have an understanding?". Aiden lowered his forehead onto the cool marble in defeat. "Mphhhh", he muttered through the gag. "I'll take this as a 'yes'", Rory claimed, not without a hint of giddyness in his voice. "Good boy. Let's start the preparations then. Let me help you get up." Grabbing Aiden's upper arms again, he pulled him effortlesly up from the floor, almost like a doll.

Back on his feet, Aiden was led to a neighboring room with the rope around his neck held tight in the small of his back, not unlike a dog on a leash. "Kick off your shoes and stand here", Rory commanded, while giving the end of the rope a sharp tug, "and don't move". Aiden did as he was told.

All of a sudden Aiden could feel the rope around his neck give way first and then slip off completely, releasing the tension from his hands held tightly between his shoulder blades.
But before he fully realized that this was likely his one shot to break free and make a run for it, Rory pulled a thick hangman's noose over Aiden's head, fastened the knot snug around his neck and started cutting all slack from the rope by ratcheting a crank that had been bolted to the wall beside him.

The noose pulled mercilessly, tilting Aiden's head sideways, stretching his neck and forcing him to stand on the tips of his toes. As he was struggling to keep standing, he felt how his tied hands were now pulled downwards. He strained even more as Rory secured the end of the rope to a small ring that was latched to the floor.

"Let's get to work!", Rory exclaimed as he produced a pair of safety shears from a cupboard. "You won't be needing that anymore", he said as he started to cut open Aiden's poloshirt, starting at the bellybutton and moving up towards the collar. After two more cuts along the sleeves it fell down to the floor, where Rory just kicked it away casually. "Smooth chest. Nice. We won't have to shave you, saves us some time!" He teasingly circled Aiden's nipples with the cold tip of the shears, engorging them ever so slightly with his touch.

Rory moved closer to Aiden, until he was right in his face. "We're going to have so much fun", he whispered as he reached down, opened Aiden's belt, button and zipper before bending down and yanking both pants and briefs down to the ankles. "Oh, looks like we will need to plan on some time for a shave after all. Ah well, nothing like some quality time for male grooming, eh?" he laughed and gave Aiden's ass an almost playful slap.

Aiden groaned. What was happening? He thought he had felt completely helpless minutes before, but now, standing here, fully exposed, gagged and unable to move, a nauseating sense of hopelessness overcame him. What on earth was awaiting him?
Thinking back to the short excerpt of the video he watched, he had a rough idea what Rory had in store for him, but something deep inside him was still clinging to the concept of denial and the idea this wasn't happening.
It was just too insane to be real.

He watched as Rory moved towards the cupboard, opening some drawers and producing coils of rope and a heavy leather collar. "Let's get you cleaned up first though", Rory said as he turned around, "but for starters, I feel we should restrict your movement a little more. Don't think for a second I did not notice that you would have loved to try and make a run for it when I put the noose around your neck before. Speaking of, let's take a bit of the strain off of you, I wouldn't want you to pass out." And with that, Rory used the crank to give the noose a tiny bit of slack, just enough to allow Aiden to stand firmly on his feet again. The wave of relief washing over him felt overwhelming, despite his desperate predicament. He felt like crying with happiness. He closed his eyes and took a couple of deep breaths, only to be startled by Rory looping coils of rope around his ankles, above and below his knees before cinching them tight. "One final touch", Rory muttered under his breath, as he used the final piece of rope to bring Aiden's elbows together and secure them in place.

"That ought to do it. I'm going to let you down now, then I will remove the noose and put this collar on you. Nod if you understand." Aiden complied, reluctant and silently.
The brief comfort of losing the noose was immediately replaced by the intensely restrictive feeling of the four inch wide, heavy leather collar closing tightly around his neck. "You'll be wearing this for a while, so let's make sure you don't lose it", Rory explained, as he took a small padlock and secured the buckle with it, before attaching a short leash to one of the collar's o-rings.

"Looks like you're ready to go and get cleaned up. Well, more like 'hop and get cleaned up'. Now be a good little bunny and follow me, but don't trip." And with that, Rory gave the leash a little tug, forcing Aiden to lose balance and awkwardly hop forward. "There you go. This way", Rory pointed towards a corridor to their left.
Life's too short to pretend you're not into some kinky shit.
Part III

Aiden had to focus on staying on his bound feet as he leapt carefully down the hallways. With his ankles and knees tied tightly and without being able to use his arms for balance or breaking his fall if he stumbled, it took him quite a while and a lot of effort to cover the 30 feet until he could turn the corner and face what appeared to be a luxurious bathroom. The only thing out of place was a fixture at the center of the ceiling - a heavy, crane like arm. "Here we are", Rory exclaimed. "Now, if you would kindly follow my instructions. The better you behave, the sooner we can be done here. First, drop down on your knees, then bend down so your torso rests on your upper thighs." Aiden slowly bent his knees to lower himself down as much as he could before dropping down. Despite trying to be careful, the jolt of pain as his knees connected with the tiled floor made him wince. As the sharp twinge subsided, he bent down at the hip and rested his forehead on the tiles. "Very good", he heard Rory say. "Now, hold still". Aiden felt a wide strap of leather slip between his folded thighs and around his torso, just below his armpits. As Rory tightened the strap and fastened the heavy duty buckle, Aiden felt the air being pushed out of his lungs. He was now rolled up into a tight little ball, unable to move at all. He couldn't see what Rory was up to, but he could hear an electronic hum coming from the ceiling, followed by the sound of metal and chains connecting. Then, as the hum started again, he could feel himself being slowly lifted up from the ground and his body shifting into a vertical position. Soon he was dangling head up and ass down by a pair of chains fastened to two o-rings on the strap that held his knees pressed closely against his chest. The ceiling crane swiveled slowly and manoeuvred him over the edge of the bathtub.

"Here comes the fun part", Rory announced, again with that hint of giddyness in his voice. "I hope your diet has a lot of fiber." He took the shower hose, unscrewed the shower head and attached an oddly shaped enema nozzle to the hose. It looked bulbous, organic, almost alien. With practiced ease, Rory slipped into a pair of latex gloves, squeezed some lube onto the nozzle and turned to Aiden. "This only needs to be as unpleasant as you choose to make it. Try to relax and don't resist." Relax? Being relaxed, in this exposed and humiliating position and while completely helpless, seemed to be a tall order for Aiden. He took a deep breath as he felt the tip of the nozzle press against his sphincter. Rory swiped it up and down across his anus to give the area a generous coating of lube before trying to break the seal. "Easy now" he encouraged Aiden, as he pushed harder into the soft tissue. Aiden squealed into his gag, more by surprise than actual pain, as the muscle first eased up, then gave way and finally allowed the probe to plunge deeper into his colon, one bulbous appendage after the other. The feeling of being filled up like this was not exactly unpleasant, in fact, Aiden experienced a slight rush of blood into his genitalia. What a weird and inappropriate time to get a hard-on, he thought to himself. And as if Rory was able to read his mind, he stated, matter-of-factly, "Some find this procedure  enjoyable even. Prostate stimulation is almost like a reflex, nothing much you can do about it. Let's see how you handle it."

And with that, he carefully opened the bathtub's spout, pushing lukewarm water through the hose and nozzle into Aiden's rectum. "Unnngh", Aiden moaned, muffled. Again, the sensation was not completely disagreeable, just ... unexpected and unusual. He could sense his bowels expand and getting fuller by the second. Very much to his shame, he also noticed that his dick was now fully erect, firmly wedged between his upper thighs and pressing against his stomach. "Well, it's time to evacuate.", Rory interrupted Aiden's little moment. "See if you can hold it in while I remove the nozzle. I will time you." He closed the spout and slowly retracted the enema. Aiden felt the pressure from the inside of his sphincter and unconsciously tried to clench his asshole in order to avoid the sensation of soiling himself. "One Mississippi, two Mississippi ..." he heard Rory count. Suddenly, the complete absurdity of his predicament hit him like a lightning strike and Aiden could not help but stifle a laugh into his gag. He immediately realized his mistake - the short suppressed outburst relaxed his sphincter and the contents of his colon shot out into the bathtub, assisted by the built up pressure and gravity.
The brief moment of comical levity, however misplaced, turned into a full bout of shame. Here he was, kidnapped by a sexual predator, bound in an inescapable ball tie, gagged and hanging above a luxury bathtub with his ass exposed,  shitting his guts out uncontrollably. And only being able to guess what else to come.

After Rory made Aiden endure three more rounds of colon cleansing, he seemed satisfied with the result. He removed the enema nozzle and screwed the shower head back in place. "Let's hose you down real quick, little piggy" he said, as he turned on the water and turned the shower head setting to "massage mode". He quickly and efficiently sprayed Aiden with the prickly beam of water - not without spending a couple of extra seconds aiming it right against his slightly irritated asshole - before lathering him up with a loofah and some expensive smelling shower lotion. "Once I have rinsed you off, I will need to adjust your restraints. Will you be a good boy or do I need to take precautions to keep you in line?", Rory inquired. At this point, Aiden frankly was just exhausted, both mentally and physically. His shoulderblades and elbows hurt, his mind was tired of racing around in panic about what else will happen to him. He nodded and mumbled "I will be a good boy" into the rubber balloon still firmly wedged between his jaws. Of course, this came out completely unintelligible, but Rory seemed to have gotten the gist of it. "Good. I'd hate to bring out the cattle prod."

He went to the control panel recessed into the wall and directed the crane to move Aiden out of the tub and back onto the floor. Without loosening the thick belt holding Aiden in a ball tie, Rory undid the ropes around his wrists and elbows.
Aiden was taken aback by the sudden sting of a thousand needles as the blood rushed back into his arms and hands. He hadn't even noticed that they had gone numb. Even if he wanted to, he could not lift his arms to fight for his life.

Rory pulled a pair of leather cuffs from the sideboard, fastened them around Aiden's wrists and connected them to the chains that previously hoisted him up into the bathtub. Then he opened the wide belt that pressed his knees against his chest. "Time to get back on your feet." The electronic hum started up again as the crane slowly pulled Aiden's arms upward until he was able to scramble to his bound feet and support his own weight again. He felt the ties around his ankles and knees come loose. Again, the painful tingling sensation set in. Another pair of cuffs was secured around his ankles and latched to the opposite ends of a metal rod, spreading his legs roughly 4 feet apart. The crane pulled his arms upward a little more, until they were fully stretched while his feet still firmly sat on the ground.

"Now let's get to work on your body hair. Why would you wax your chest and legs but not your pubes and ass hair? It's just so convenient. I just don't get it.", Rory monologued, fully aware that Aiden was in no position to explain himself or his grooming decisions. He started to prepare a bowl of shaving cream and clipped a fresh double-bladed razor into the shaving instrument.
"Don't worry, I am very careful. Just don't flinch, and you'll be fine", he tried to reassure Aiden, as he knelt down in front of his exposed crotch. He began to expertly cover Aiden's balls, shaft and the surrounding pubic region in a soft layer of shaving cream. Much to Aiden's dismay, he could feel another erection setting in, as Rory meticulously scraped the blade over the delicate skin, lifting his up scrote and penis for a full service shave. Once done with the front, he applied another batch of shaving cream on the taint and ass cheeks, before turning his full attention to the much harder to reach crack inbetween,
"You know, people usually pay good money for a service like this", Rory told Aiden jokingly as he got up. "All done. How does it feel? Good, right?" he inquired, as he gently ran his fingers across Aiden's slick, smooth nether region. While Aiden would never admit it under the current circumstances, it did in fact feel amazing. Not a single stubble was left.
"And for the the finishing touch, some moisturizer to calm the irritated skin. We wouldn't want you to get razorburn, would we?". Rory grabbed a bottle from the shelf and squeezed an oily liquid into the palm of his hand, as he stepped behind Aiden. He reached around and began massaging the cream all over Aiden's soft and velvety crotch. After replenishing the lotion in his hands, he came around, stood face to face with Aiden as he grabbed both his ass cheeks and rubbed the moisturizer onto the skin. He went for one more squirt of lotion, put it on his index and middle finger and ran them from Aiden's taint up to his coccyx and back down again, lingering briefly on the anus each way, gently probing and swirling around in a circular motion.
"You're rock hard", he whispered. "That's very promising. But for now, we're done here. We will have to wait.", Rory continued cryptically. Wait for what? Aiden's mind was too exhausted to ponder that question further.

Rory removed the spreader bar and the chains from the wrist and ankle cuffs and instead connected both individual sets of cuffs with a small padlock, wrists behind Aiden's back. "I'll give you some time to rest now, this must have been quite the exciting day for you ... so far.", Rory chuckled. Without warning, Rory bent down, picked Aiden up effortlessly below the waist and threw him over his shoulder like a rolled up carpet. Startled, Aiden tried to protest, but all he could muster through the gag were some muted "mphhhhh" sounds that accomplished absolutely nothing.
Life's too short to pretend you're not into some kinky shit.
Part IV

Rory carried him upstairs into a lavishly decorated guest bedroom with a king sized bed. The frame was made out of massive wood, with a heavy headboard and a solid wooden pillar in each corner. As he was set down on the duvet, Aiden instantly felt the smooth quality of a high thread count fabric against his skin. Of course, it could also just be his freshly shaved and moisturized ass cheeks providing this delicate sensation. "Lay on your back", Rory commanded as he pulled away the duvet from under Aiden's body. In turn, Aiden scooted up to the center of the bed and looked quizzingly at his capturer. Rory quickly rounded the bed and pulled four ropes from underneath the mattress' corners. He threaded the rope through the ankle cuffs' o-rings before removing the padlock inbetween. By pulling on the loose ends of the ropes, he moved Aidens's legs apart until he laid there, neatly spreadeagled. He quickly tied the ropes off at the foot of the bed, securely out of reach before repeating the procedure with the wrist cuffs. Within a minute Aiden was laying inescapably, yet comfortably secured in the center of the bed, forming a naked, very exhausted "X".

"Listen now, I'm going to remove the gag. I don't want you to choke if you manage to doze off for a bit. You can scream all you want, no one will hear you. The windows are security glass, the door is enforced and also soundproof. Save your energy and rest. Do you understand?". Aiden nodded. "Ok then". Rory reached behind Aiden's head and undid the buckle. He then opened the butterfly gag's valve and let all air escape before gently pulling it out of Aiden's mouth by the leather panel in the front. "There you go."

"What are you going to do to me?", Aiden blurted out, finally released from his involuntary silence.

Rory smiled. "Wouldn't you like to know, eh? Well, Camus once said 'We need the sweet pain of anticipation to tell us we are really alive.' Let's just say, tomorrow you will feel really, really alive."

"Tomorrow? Please, I have a wife. She'll be worried sick if I don't come home tonight. She's pregnant. We just found out. Whatever you are planning to do to me, you don't have to do this. Just let me go and I will never mention a word of what happened here. To anyone, I swear."

"I'll take care of that. She will receive a text from you, explaining that you ran into an old friend from college in the next city over. He persuaded you to go out for wings and a couple of beers and reminisce about the good old days. You both had a few too much and he offered you to crash at his house to sleep it off. Speaking of, do you want something to drink? You must be parched." Without waiting for a reply, Rory reached out and opened the door of the nightstand, revealing a fully stocked mini-fridge. He grabbed a water bottle, unscrewed the cap and stuck a drinking straw into the bottleneck. "Hmmm?" He held up the bottle. Aiden nodded. "Tiny sips", Rory quipped as he held the straw close to Aiden's mouth. Aiden had hardly realized how dehydrated he was. Wearing that gag for so long had dried up his throat entirely. He took a few more sips before he motioned for Rory to remove the straw.

Rory stood up, grabbed the duvet from the foot of the bed and carefully covered Aiden's naked and bound body.
"As I said, try to get some rest. It's not going to be fun for anyone involved if you're on the verge of collapsing," he said while standing in the doorway, winking. As he turned to close the door, Aiden could hear him chuckle quietly.

Aiden felt the warmth of the covers creep over his body. Much to his surprise, he actually seemed to calm down a bit. Before he knew it, his eyes became heavy and fluttered shut. A final, uneasy thought clawed his way back to his consciuos mind - what if Rory had drugged him with the water? But that alarming idea instantly faded back into meaninglessness, as he drifted away. It didn't matter either way, he was sound asleep.

He came to abruptly as he felt a rigid and rubbery, phallus-shaped object being forced past his lips, deeper into his mouth until it pushed against the back of his throat. An alarmingly bitter taste brought him fully back to his senses.
He tried to get up and take out whatever threatened to invade his esophagus, put failed pityfully at both. His torso was firmly strapped to the mattress, while he could not move his wrists past his midriff. They had been cuffed so closely together that the balls of his thumbs touched and were vehemently held back by a clanking chain, which in turn had been connected to another, similarly tight pair of cuffs around his ankles.

"Shhhhh", Rory tried to calm Aiden down, sitting on the bedside. "The bitter taste is a mild numbing tincture, it will help you to overcome your gag reflex. Just give it a second or two to soak in. Breathe through your nose."

Aiden tried to control himself and steady his breathing. As he felt his heart slowing from its frantic pace, he eventually was able to acknowledge the multitude of unfamiliar sensations that came rushing over him. The most obvious was that he was clad into what appeared to be a very taut latex body suit, covering him from head to toe, except for an opening from above his eyebrows to his chin, which was now halfway occupied by the panel of the dildo gag Rory now dilligently fastened behind his head. The bitterness in his mouth had aeady subsided, giving way to a slight numbness, not quite unlike a novocaine shot at the dentist, but not as dulling. Rory was right about one thing, he did no longer feel the urge to gag and throw up.

As he tried to get accustomed to his brand new predicament, he noticed an unfamiliar weight and stickyness on his chest. He bend his head slightly to peer down as his eyes widened in confusion - right there, mere inches from his face, covered in black, shiny latex, he found himself flaunting a pair of breasts. Voluptuous, tear shaped breasts. He could even make out a pair of nipples straining against the slick surface. "What the fuck?" was the only, but probably most appropriate thought bouncing around in his head. "Oh those?", Rory said while giving them a slight jiggle. "Yeah, I thought some nice stick-on silicone titties would complement your slender frame. Just a little extra touch to your new persona for today. You'll get used to them, I bet. Hell, you might even start to love them."

"Now, before you get up, another small addition", he continued, picking up a wide leather collar from next to the pillow and sliding it under and around Aiden's neck. He kept making tiny adjustments until he appeared to be satisfied with its alignment, closed both buckles in the back and secured them with a padlock each. "This is a special collar.", he explained. "It's fitted with a small laryngophone, basically a microphone sitting close to your larynx. It picks up the tiniest sounds you make. It's connected wirelessly to this little box" - he patted Aiden's left flank, where a small carbon-fire chassis the size of a cigarette box was attached with a loop to his thigh, close to the groin. "Which in turn is wired to the electrode rings around your balls and dick inside the suit's latex sheath." He reached down and grabbed Aidens cock beneath the balls and gave both a playful tug. "To elaborate and demonstrate", he said as he reached for the box and flipped a little switch, "everytime you make a noise, this will happen." - and without warning, Rory slapped Aiden across the face. "Ugghmmph", Aiden moaned in surprise, immediately followed by a longer, louder albeit muffled scream. "Aaaagggggggh. Aaaaaaghhhhhhmph!" he cried, as a jolt of electricity shot through the length of his cock. It wasn't exactly painful, quite contrary - it felt like he was orgasming instantly, but along with a sharp, biting sensation, reaching from the base of his scrotum to the underside of the tip of his penis, right on the frenulum, the most sensitive part. The current intensified, forcing another groan from Aiden, before it finally subsided after what felt like an eternity. "It will keep zapping your crotch until you shut up or what I call the 'pity timer' sets in. After a while, it will turn off automatically. But that timer will increase each time you activate it. You have been warned. Now, get up.", Rory commanded, as he quickly rounded the bed and unfastened the heavy belts holding Aiden down.

As Aiden tried to sit up, he exhaled with an almost imperceptible grunt, but it was loud enough for the collar to pick it up and administer another punishing shock. This time, he managed to maintain his composure and not trigger an additional chastisement. Carefully, he swung his bound legs over the bedside, reaching for the floor. Only now he realized that his legs had been squeezed into a pair of tight leather boots from the knee down. And from the strain on his calves and the extreme arch of his foot, he could deduce that he was standing on a pair of extreme heels. As he pushed his torso forward to get up from the bed, he could sense a copious amount of his built-up spit seep past the edges of the gag. Just as he carefully straightened himself into an upright position, the current of drool rushed over his chin and splashed on his sternum, where it got channeled towards his belly and crotch by the freshly added pair of ample latex boobs.

"Hold up, just three more little things.", Rory interrupted Aiden's awkward shuffle to maintain balance. Rory grabbed him by his sleek, rubbery hips and slowly turned him towards an armoire with a floor length mirror. Aiden swiveled around in tiny, shakey steps, as quickly as the tight ankle cuffs and the unfamiliar heels allowed. As he stood and examined his reflection, Rory pulled yet another pair of cuffs from the duvet and closed them above Aiden's elbows, before pulling them as close together as the bound wrists in front allowed and secured them with a short chain and a pair of padlocks. As a result, Aiden involuntarily arched his back, pushing out his artificial tits and tightening the layer of latex that held them in place. He couldn't help but admire his appearance. The outfit was immaculate. Slick, shiny, skin-tight and  feminine. And inexplicably, on some deep, primal level, he started to enjoy the complete helplessness he felt when gazing at himself, as if he was looking at a completely different person.

In the mirror, he saw Rory reach around his chest from behind, placing another layer of latex around the torso, just below his breasts. He then felt Rory fidget around along his back, hearing a faint swishing sound, as if a pair of laces was threaded into a pair of shoes. All of a sudden, he felt his stomach and chest constrict, as Rory forcefully tightened the cinches of the corset he put him in. As the air was squeezed from his lungs, Aiden could not supress an exasperated moan. He was immediately disciplined by a sharp, electric pang covering his genitals from end to end. This time, he was not able to stifle his reaction and let out a second tortured whimper, in turn ramping up and prolonging the charge traveling from balls to glans. He rolled back his eyes, cursing himself for not staying silent.
The corset severely resticted his breathing, he was only able to take shallow breaths. "Don't breathe into your stomach, breath by extending your chest upwards", Rory offered as a hint. "Not only will it make breathing a little easier, it also accents your titties with each breath you take." And as if to make a point, he reached around from behind and gave them a tender squeeze.

"Aight, one final touch. You may not like it, but trust me, it is necessary. As a sign of good will for your cooperation, I will turn of your cockzapper for a moment." He reached down to the control box and flipped the switch, before turning Aiden further, making him face the side of the bed. "Bend over", Rory commanded, as he toppled Aiden over, onto the duvet. Bent at the waist, Aiden went face-first into the covers, exhaling sharply with a surprised squeak. He could feel Rory's hands slide across his tautly covered ass, only stopping dead center to pull down a zipper that ended right in the small of his back. "You took the enemas like a champ, so this should not be too uncomfortable", Aiden heard Rory explain. And without further warning, he felt something cold and slippery glide up and down his exposed asscrack. More lube, Aiden realized, just as the sensation of a generously dimensioned toy entering him from behind overwhelmed his sensory capacities. As he was probed, he could feel that it was a ribbed plug, as ridge after ridge slowly slipped past his sphincter and deeper into the colon. He moaned, half in exasperation, but also due to the undeniable pleasure the stimulation brought about. Inside the suit's latex sheath, his penis stiffened as his sphincter eventually clenched up around the plug's flared base, holding it now firmly in place. "Say when", Rory said, as he started to squeeze on a small rubber bulb connected to the base of the plug. The ridges of the plug expanded outward and pressed against the colon's lining, slowly but continously. Aiden groaned aggressively into his gag. "No, I think you can take a little more", Rory overrode Aiden's veto and gave the bulb a couple more compressions. As Aiden's protests became more prominent and desperate with each pump of air, Rory finally settled with him. He removed the bulb and hose from the valve at the base of the plug and tossed them on the bed. Then, he bend down and closed the zipper back up, exerting additional pressure on the soft buttocks and tightening their grip on the taxing toy. Clearly satisfied with his body of work, Rory carefully grabbed Aiden by the shoulders and pulled him back up into an upright position. Aiden, still not used to standing almost "en-pointe", struggled as he felt the plug in his bowels adjust slightly to the new orientation.

"I'd say you're ready", Rory smiled. "Do you like your new look?". "Mmmmph" grunted Aiden, defiantly.
"Oh, yeah, that reminds me.", Rory said, snapping his fingers as if he remembered something important. He reached down to the control box on Aiden's thigh and switched the receiver back on. "A good plaything is seen, not heard.", he added, while reaching into his pocket. From it, he produced a little fob with a keyring, resembling a remote car key.
"Now, let's loosen you up a bit". As he pushed the fob's button, the plug in Aiden's ass started vibrating with a low hum. It startled him enough to trigger another electric impulse to his now fully erect shaft. The sensation was even more pronounced, as the penis strained harder against the electrified cockrings. Aiden fought the impulse to audibly give in to the wave of pain and pleasure crashing against his hypersensitve frenulum. "You seem to be enjoying yourself. Good.", Rory teased. "But now, I need you to follow me. Don't trip.", he said, as he turned and went out the door. Aiden looked after him, confused. He could hardly stand, how was he supposed to walk past some helpless hobbling steps? "I'm waiting", he heard Rory call demandingly. Carefully, Aiden began to shuffle his feet forward, maybe covering two, three inches at the most with each tiny step. At this rate, it would take him 2 minutes to reach the doorway, he calculated. Not that he had any say or choice in the matter. So he continued his slow trek across the bedroom, painstakingly trying to keep his balance while reminding himself constantly to stay quiet despite the rumbling in his ass that quite literally shook him to his very core. With every tiny step, the vibrations appeared to intensify, as his thighs rubbed against each other.

 -- to be continued ...
Life's too short to pretend you're not into some kinky shit.
This is for my next flight (to read, that is 😉)
(27 Mar 2022, 00:34 )Bound Whore Wrote: Part IV
. . .
 -- to be continued ...

When will you write the next part?
(06 Oct 2022, 14:19 )JohnnyDeRouge Wrote:
(27 Mar 2022, 00:34 )Bound Whore Wrote: Part IV
. . .
 -- to be continued ...

When will you write the next part?

Oh, right. I think I owe it to myself and the handful of readers to conclude the story.

I had the next part down halfway but didn't like the direction in the end, so I dropped it for a bit, then got distracted and forgot about it.
Give me couple of days, I promise I will finish it, since I hate it when a poster bails on ending a story properly.

Also, I want to know what happens next, too 😁
Life's too short to pretend you're not into some kinky shit.

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