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80's look
As far as wearing pantyhose with the 80's aerobic look, I have read that some women would wear two pairs of pantyhose to achieve their look. It seems wearing two pairs would almost give the same look of wearing a pair of tights. Even some workout videos seem to show women who look like they have doubled up on their sheer to waist pantyhose for their legwear while doing their exercising. To me it looks like a sexy look and might be fun to try.
Wearing two pairs of nylons gives a very distinctive Moiré effect.

Somewhat unconnected, here's Akiho Licia again.

One halloween during the 80's my best friend's girlfriend wore several pairs to "stay warm." That moire effect drove me nuts all night.
Don't know if it fits in this topic, but I went by a Calzedonia shop and saw that they have a new collection, featuring some 80's style leggings, tribute to Italian shoe company "Superga". 

I will definitely buy a pair or two 😊
[Image: calzedonia_31_1_20_05.jpg]

[Image: calzedonia_31_1_20_01_0046.jpg]

[Image: MODP0994_wear_265C_M.jpg?sw=1000&sfrm=png]
Those pink ones look great!
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Agree 😊

I will get the pink ones and the blue ones. They will look excellent under my cycling short leggings 😁
So I went to the Calzedonia store at the mall today, to take a closer look on the leggings and I was disappointed to find that the "SUPERGA" print comes off on new on shelf items. Even the sales girl said, that the print quality isn't so good as it used to be. So I bought a pair of Supershiny tights instead to keep me warm on my bike 😊

[Image: MODC1586_wear_133C_D2.jpg?sw=1000&sfrm=png]
Guys, please upload images into the forum.
OK, so this is how the tights from Calzedonia look when the sun shines on them, they really are as the model says "Super Shiny". I wore them on bike morning bike ride today, very comfortable, and nice to wear 😊

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
They look identical to the Cecilia De Rafael Uppsala ones.

Also precisely like the Leohex Jumpsuit ones I wear on my bike rides!

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