Bob Basset leather gramophone maskImagination? Creativity? Craftsmanship? Experience? Art? Perfectness? All these words and dozens of synonyms could be used here. I call “such cases” “kissed by the God”. Such chosen ones create because they can not suppress it inside of them. They create to get rid of the “internal pressure” of images, ideas, voices, sounds, plots, subjects, forms and shapes. They do not know how much their creations will cost (“Hmmm… How much would you pay for it?”), who will buy them, how they will be used or if anybody will need them at all.

Bob Basset (aka Petrov and his team from Ukraine) works mostly with leather, but also uses stones, metal, resin, glass and many other materials. He makes masks (steampunk, cyber, animals, even with lasers and fans), bags, backpacks, costumes, armoury, just things and either sell them on auctions (see his shop on eBay), works with custom orders or keeps the weird creations for some time. When the work is done, they begin to live their own life.

How this stuff can be used? Parties, cosplay, kigurumi, everyday life, photo shooting, role playing, theatre, films (The “Pirates of the Caribbean” crew knew about Bob Basset, but “Ukraine is sooooooo far away…. “), fetish and bondage, no doubts. But also like something to look at (touch? speak to? playing with? dream about?).

You know, after seeing hundreds of Bob Bassets creations in his blog (see below), this public looks ridiculous and pathetic… Spending thousands on faceless and dead-born attributes of the so called high society… Bullshit…