I wonder what the next step would be …

Aurora in weird zentaiAssuming you know what zentai is, what can astonish you? I’ve seen zentai suits made out of different materials of different colours with different coatings. But Billy and Aurora (in my humble opinion) have done something unbelievable… Very complex and thoroughly thought out design on one hand and very harmonic, easy too look at and yet extremely provocative “image” on the other.

They never repeat themselves. Everything they are doing is something completely new you would never expect or predict. This is what makes them to stand out of the crowd of “plastic photographers” and “plastic models”. Every their step is step up (if not beyond).  Will they be able keep the pace? Are (will be) there  any limits?Will they become hostages of their own ambitions and perfectionism? What happens should they reach their limits?

Let’s hope it never happens and let’s keep our fingers crossed for them!

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