SezWho testing

Enabled widgets. The idea is to stimulate readers to leave valuable comments. The user ratings are stored in the SezWho database and publicly available. The widgets and the server parts are quite buggy and not widely adopted yet.

So you can have a look how it works and decide if you need it. What do you think?

10 thoughts on “SezWho testing”

  1. Mmmm… Looks like crap to me, to be honest… The idea is interesting, but the implementation sucks.
    That reminds me something… Lots…

  2. Like Ra,

    Please let me know what you did not like about the widgets…We are already looking for ways to make sure we collect all the feedback from users like you and improve the product as a result.


  3. I can start with what I like about the widgets:

    • + the idea is great
    • + the filter and voting results look good (on the post/comment page)

    And that’s about it.
    Now what I don’t like:

    • – synchronization does not work (pictures, results, etc.)
    • – the profile is literally uneditable (you can’t change the Blogs and Emails settings)
    • – it does not keep userpic proportions, even if the picture is smaller than 80×100
    • – RedCarpet shows absolutely irrelevant results (I even removed it from the site)
    • – the more comments, the less the ratio. E.g. polite answers like “Thanks much for the info!” will never be rated, but will definitely reduce the rating
    • – it would be nice if the posts could also be included in the voting process
    • – users are not willing to give out their e-mail addresses
    • – sezwho is mostly oriented for the site owners, ordinary readers are hardly interested
    • – not standard yet, so even less interesting

    Probably I forgot something, but that covers almost everything.

  4. More bugs:

    • – The rating of the posts resets after a page reload. E.g. the post rating (on the original blog) Sez: 2.5, the statistics page (on sezwho site): 3.4.
    • – The commentator rating is not calculated correctly. e.g. the comment ratings are 3.2, 3.4, 3.5, but the total rating is still 2.5

    OTOH, I found another “Pro”

    • + You can track all your comments and check responses from time to time
  5. The way SezWho calculates the scores and ratings is absolutely unpredictable. Probably there’s a logic behind, but I don’t understand it…

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