man in very shiny pantyhose and shortsActually, it’s not about men in pantyhose, but shiny pantyhose and how they look from different distances. I bet on the first two photos Jana was wearing professional pantyhose Danskin Ultra Shimmery. They are supposed to look perfect (thin and shiny like a flesh coloured film) on stage, under electric light and from some distance. But if you look closer, there’s nothing to be excited about. Thick opaque pantyhose with rugged structure (Yet very reliable, robust and “breathing”). Probably that’s why I’ve seen so many disappointed reviews. 1-2 meters is not enough! BTW, under the daylight their colour also changes. “Suntan” becomes pinky and “Skin tone” – bleached.

So, you are warned. Now go and buy yourself a pair and make some photos ;-) BTW, here, I’m wearing Danskin Ultra Shimmery too.

Thanks to Jana1976.