All pantyhose are white by nature or how they are made

My thoughts after watching the video (from Discovery Channel) below:

  • all pantyhose are originally white
  • there’s still a lot of manual operations
  • removing the cotton crotch panel from the design (e.g. men do not need a crotch panel in their pantyhose) should significantly reduce the costs
  • how are seamless pantyhose  made?
  • I wonder if you can tune/tweak the pantyhose making machines to make something else like lycra tubes, bodybags, spandex suits (e.g. bodybags with legs, single-gloved suits etc). The idea is to get rid of as many seams as possible. And the final product can be preformed like pantyhose.

Geüpload door ubergoober

Also, you can see the description of the process here.

7 thoughts on “All pantyhose are white by nature or how they are made”

  1. Fascinating stuff! A very good find by Ra!

    Am I the only one who remembers stories in the media about 3(or more)legged pantyhose? They would be great for my encasement sessions! 😉


    Ps. They might start white, but the ones here all ended up Tan! (LOL!!!!)

  2. Good thinking! I do remember those ads, however, I’ve never seen 3-legged pantyhose in any shops. Probably, Google can help?

  3. great video likera

    its interesting that they do things the way they do, i could think of an easier way to make them, without requiring a foot making machine or a binding machine, but requiring a more complex spinning machine

    why do they have the crotch/gusset anyway? does this prevent yeast infections for women or something?

  4. If the question about the cotton vs. nylon, then I think because cotton absorbs liquids better than nylon.

    If the question is about gusset then it’s made to follow the human anatomy, the clothes sits better with the crotch panel than without (just consulted with my wife – she’s a clothes designer 😉 .

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