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Latex bondage

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Manga-character made by me :3
Sat, Mar 15, 2008
Source: SemeMomoshiDesu
A beauty busy with bondage roleplay!

Some cosplay photos (of a certain character)
and another photo with a pose similar to this inpired me to do this.
I just added strict bondage, an ultra tight gag,
removed some clothes and oiled her skin...
a good recipe for a long night of fun.
Sun, Feb 24, 2008
Source: Gagsnob
BoundCon, Munich 2007.
Sun, Dec 16, 2007
Source: Strutter79
More bondage roleplay:
A mistress of Gag-Island thoroughly bound, severely multi layer gagged and attached to a luggage cart, taken to somewhere for something
to be done with her...

All characters are 18+ !

This is based upon an old sktech. Even after an
intense revision the lineart was not state of the
art quality. Sorry about that. Nevertheless I think the result is good enough to show it.
Tue, Nov 13, 2007
Source: Gagsnob
"Alyssa was 18, when she joined the staff of Gag Island. Being ambitious she forced herself to endure strict ties longer than any other employe. It enhanced her great acting abilities alot, when she played the role of a damsel in distress... (today she's more of a domme and higher ranked in the hierachy and tends to tie up other girls...)"

This is another scene depicting (consensual) bondage roleplay on Gag-Island. As you can see, Alyssa's arms and hands are tied in the strictest possible way (backward prayer with touching elbows). Don't try that at home, Alyssa is more nimble than you!
Her gag is the common multilayer over-the-nose gag, that's used on the island (mouth stuffed, cleave gags, tape, otm gags, otn gags).
She's also fastened to a vaulting buck and locked away in a rubber coated padded cell - a bit of an overkill, but hey.. it's done for fun, not because it was necessary.

Those of you that think she's in a rather vulnerable pose... you are right.
In fact this is a strongly toned down version
(The full version can be seen in my group only).
That's also the reason why there is so much free space to the right...

This was a cleaned up pencil drawing, scanned
and digitally colored. The background is 3D
Mon, Jun 04, 2007
Source: Gagsnob
A yet unnamed original character of mine.

This red haired girl is involved in some well acted
consensual bondage roleplay.
Her pose is so strict she doesn't need to
play much. Most of her helplessness feels pretty

Info for all gag-fetishists: yes her mouth is
stuffed tightly below that tape.

Please don't reenact this!
Sat, Apr 21, 2007
Source: Gagsnob
Looks like some cosplay gone bondage.
From left to right: Shadowcat, Storm and Rogue.

NOTE: This is NOT public domain. Do not republish
without permission! Thanks.
Tue, Apr 10, 2007
Source: Gagsnob
"Can a bondage fan have a quiet roleplay
afternoon in his basement ? No! All of a sudden
this snooper enters my hobby room and disturbs
me and my girls... Fortunatly I was able to take
care of the problem.
She really has to stop to smell foul play
everywhere. I hope six hours in that stuff will
cure her paranoia."

Work on this started two weeks ago. I was
very bored and let my pencil-hand guide my lines.
The result became a present for Jennifer.
I also took the opportunity to experiment with
a new technique for drawing eyes.

On the content:
The character in the foreground is calld Mysidia
and is an original creation of Jennifer. Mysidia
is a snooper who finds herself caught in
"damsel in distress"-situtations over and
over again. This time she stumbled into a
bondage-fans hobby room, confusing him
with a criminal. He captured the "burglar"
the best way he could...

Armbinder, hobble-rubber-raincoat, multi-layer
over-the-nose gag (including a ballgag among
many other layers of cloth and tape)

The character in the forground was drawn
with a pencil, scanned and digitally colored. I
modelled the background in 3D and match-edited
it into the picture. After a ton of touch-ups this
is the result.
Sat, Feb 03, 2007
Source: Gagsnob
Oh no! Catwoman captured Miss Adventure! Hey.. what is she going to do with that cream dispenser ?

This is my part of an art trade with [link]

I hope you like it Drew!

Any ideas for alternate titles or captions ?
Mon, Jan 08, 2007
Source: Gagsnob
"Batgirl was standing at the edge of the harbor basin. She was still tied and gagged thoroughly in the same the way the gangsters had left her, when they fled at the sight of Nightwing on a bulding across the water. But for some reason he didn't come over to free her, he just stared through his spyglass... When Robin finally joined him on the roof about 20 minutes later he still hadn't moved a muscle. The only sound that disturbed the silence, was the the dripping of blood from Nightwings nose..."

I made the original pic about 2 years ago. In the original picture it was Batman, not Nightwing who stared at Batgirl. I always thought that was a bad decision, since it didn't really suit him. Nightwing on the other hand, who later has an intimate relationship with Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), suits the role of the stunned bondage-fetishist alot better.
Addionally I colored the lineart to improve the overall appearance of the picture.

Technical background: I drew the lineart with a common pencil and traced it for cleanup. I scanned the final lineart and colored the picture digitally.
Fri, Dec 01, 2006
Source: Gagsnob
This is a present for Loraxz!
I hope you like it!

The pic is rather selfexplanatory. Poor Storm was overpowered by two brats who plan to leave Xavier's school and join Magneto.
They used a powernullifier on her, which they stole from the lab. Next they tied her most thoroughly to a sturdy chair. They stuffed her mouth to the hilt with pieces of cloth and tied many, many scarves over it. Now they are about to lock her like that in a seluded closet...
Mon, Nov 06, 2006
Source: Gagsnob
This is a present to [link] . I hope you like it! ^__^

Looks like Daria was coming out of the closet ... and enjoying some wild bondage roleplay. Naughty girls!

I've done this one rather quickly. Interestingly it is one of my few pics, that have a detailed hand-drawn
background. Manaloria gave me a few detailed pictures of Darias room. Unfortunatly none of them showed
the corner, that can be seen on the left side of the pic. I didn't recall the MTV-show that well and merely
made up something. I thought a book shelf would suit Daria well... For all those who don't know the show:
It's about the all-day horrors of a cynical, superintelligent girl, Daria, caught in the dumbness of our modern

Though fully dressed, I wanted to make Jane look as sexy as possible and made her behind a bit more curveous
than usual. The bondage itself is a bit "unprecise". I had to make a compromise between the view and the pose.
Tue, Sep 05, 2006
Source: Gagsnob

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