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Mon, Apr 11, 2016
Source: Pin Up Girls



Immer los!

I like chatting through Tumblr messaging.

Sun, Apr 10, 2016
Source: Experiment!

Thu, Apr 07, 2016
Source: Love for tights

This is so fascinating!!!

Wed, Apr 06, 2016
Source: Experiment!


Part 1

Part 2:

I made a sound. I told you I was a whiner. Now I have to sleep like this. If I can sleep at all. Master is very angry with me. But only because the two boys got me mad. They wouldn't stop zapping me! They're slaves, like me. They just jump at a chance to torment someone. Why is Master doing this to me? I see why he wants to torment me, he owns me. And his friend is a master too. But why does he let those brats get their hands on me? I snapped at the 5th slap that whore gave me. My words were unintelligible, but my anger was apparent. And I made a scene. Master came over, seething. I can't see but I can feel his anger. I can feel the brats cowering. I can feel the room get electric.

He yelled at me. Master rarely yells at me. He almost never has to. I fear him and he knows that. He reminded me that my blatant disregard for his order has consequences I already know. I will be spending the night hogtied on the cold floor. Master, for what I can hear, is pacing. He says the only reason I'm not gagged all the time is because I need to be fed, so the relief my jaw gets is a necessity, not a kindness.

But he also knows that such an outburst had to be provoked. The other brat was so scared, he spilled the beans, and now they're in trouble. Master's friend will punish them accordingly. And the brat that hit me is getting his head shaved. I'm almost happy at the wailing and crying and begging from the brat, but I'm not. Because I know where all that hair is going.

- Still blind, still mute, still a little bitch.

Poor little fellow;)

Mon, Apr 04, 2016
Source: Experiment!

This is why latex catsuit are awesome;)

Mon, Apr 04, 2016
Source: Experiment!


Surprises are fun…😈

Surprise me;)

Mon, Apr 04, 2016
Source: Experiment!


It would make a nice ornament in my garden

I think I just came a little bit…..😏

Mon, Apr 04, 2016
Source: Experiment!

Can this be arranged, please?

Mon, Apr 04, 2016
Source: Experiment!


It's OK, he properly CAGED. The only time I allow slave to even wander down near the cage is in PUBLIC. So fucking pathetic; but that's how I RAISED ‘it'.

Mon, Apr 04, 2016
Source: Experiment!

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