Oooops… FB did it again. This also explains how we were booted off FB (see Facebook – end of story)

A surprising security hole in Facebook allows almost anyone to see pictures marked as private.

“The bug allowed anyone to view a limited number of another user’s most recently uploaded photos irrespective of the privacy settings for these photos,” Facebook said in a statement. “Upon discovering the bug, we immediately disabled the system, and will only return functionality once we can confirm the bug has been fixed.”

The issue stems from the site’s own reporting system, which Facebook has designed to give users power to police each other.

In this case, after a user reports another for “nudity and pornography” in their profile picture, Facebook presents them with the further option of “selecting additional photos to include with your report.”

If a user chooses to continue, Facebook provides them with an album of additional photos to discern. In tests, this function consistently revealed private pictures, which the user can then resize and enlarge by adjusting bits of code.

Sources: Foxnews

And this is the hack. So simple. So stupid. So naive to think that it’s Facebook who keeps an eye on you. It’s us.

Are you still using social nets? No, wrong… Does anybody out there still believe in Internet privacy? Or just privacy?

… is there anybody .. out there …???