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"Prostitution", Tatiana urged, "is the biggest scourge of our neighborhood today!" She continued: "It is responsible for all crime and is directly lowering property values. It must be stopped at all costs."

The neighborhood watch group she was addressing seemed to agree. No one was forthright in offering direct support or a solution, however.

When Tatiana donned her slutty best that evening, she was not driven entirely by selfless motives. As is often the case with self-righteous folk, the moral argument disguised a base intent which had more to do with ego and envy than with concern for her fellow tenants.

As the reality of daybreak streamed in through the window of that abandoned subway storage utility, Tatiana realized that the young woman she abducted could just as easily be a local club kid, coming down off Molly and wondering what the hell had just happened to her. If this were to be the case, her disappearance would be much harder to explain away. The only question was what to do with the terrified, young vixen bound to the chair...
Tue, May 30, 2017
Source: JennaKnots
A commission for

Felicity Smoak from the TV show "Arrow" in a bit of a predicament!
Mon, May 29, 2017
Source: Yes I Did
Another one of OCs, here we have the pro-bondage hottie, Leuedai! After doodling Ella, I wanted to take a stab at doing Leuedai (boy do I wish I could do her). I'm not sure why I incorporated the fabled "Play of the Game" from Overwatch. I think it's just because it's a popular meme. Also, Magnolia plays it as well too so I think that's another reason as well!

Anyway, haven't really thought of the story as to why she's like this. I am positive, though, that OW's algorithm to choose POTG would default to her if possible, wouldn't you agree?

Too bad the lootcrates don't offer her as a skin. I'd never go without it....

Please enjoy!
Mon, May 29, 2017
Source: That guy known as Dio
Well, it's seem that Counselor really did take the session going into her own personal room, and all night long... Well seeing how she despises the elves in general, I don't think the Emperor Vi could do anything beside wriggling helplessly and suffering the heat under the heavy sheet and her strong powerful legs... It seem she's an ancient general of the Kingdom's armies and ranked up until becoming one of the most respectful Counselor under Vi's dad reign. Now that Dad is gone, she thinks she deserves proper respect from the son and really take great care to put that in his head right at the beginning.

Next drawing we will be able to see her fully don't worry guys, just needed some times to figure out who she was and what her story was too. Now everything is pretty clear in my head and I can keep going forward, unfortunately for little tiny Emperor Vi.

Enjoy the shininess *kiss kiss*
See ya!!!
Mon, May 29, 2017
Source: Toooooney
This is a new gift art for the fabulous ! Out of all her OCs (I hope it's okay to assume you being a 'her' since your latest, activity post! If not, I'm sorry!), Ella is my absolute fav. I debuted my art of Ella in thatguyknownasdio.deviantart.c… but I didn't feel it was my best portrayal of her so I drew this one to hopefully make up for that.

I was tempted to draw Ella in bondage but I felt there are too many pics of those (and there is NOTHING wrong with that!). I wanted to do something out of the norm. According to Magnolia, Ella is gifted with tapping into the supernatural and her eye color changes based on the mood she's feeling. I read over the AMA and tried to get as much info about her powers but couldn't find too many specifics so I felt what if she used things like telekinesis or the like.

One fact mentioned is that she doesn't have full control of her powers yet and is training to become such. Well, part of me got creative and I wanted to see what happens to Ella when she is at 100% (ala, Mob Psycho - great anime!). Here, she's obviously escaping a prison of sorts but fighting her way out, flinging guards into walls and forcing them to call in reinforcements.

I drew her eyes a red color since I think it represents anger for her but if you're wondering why she's crying, Magnolia mentions that Ella detests fighting where it upsets her (ref:…).

Sorry this is not a bondage pic but I felt wanting to showcase what a potential badass she can be. I hope that is ok, Magnolia.

Anyhoo, please enjoy!

Music inspired by this track from Boku no Hero Acedemia:…
Mon, May 29, 2017
Source: That guy known as Dio
A commission for

Original characters from his alt-universe Harry Potter-based stories, Harriet Potter and Finn sharing the beginnings of an intimate moment...
Sun, May 28, 2017
Source: Yes I Did
Ones again a male in latex suit – latex equality!

And one more experiment pic – this time not an art style experiment but a pose, light and viewing angle experiment.

I used a latex cat pet concept from that is strongly inspired by a certain Inu Yasha pic.
And I hope it is recognizable but the black things in the front should be the knees (and part of the legs) from this character… (the one on the left) sitting on a chair + his latex devil tail.
As I said I hope it is recognizable
Oh and I`m sure the pet gets only used as a footstool and not for any kind of mature acts XD

idea @

Sun, May 28, 2017
Source: Rosvo
Because it's (somewhat) tradition that I present a new Summer Sally pic, my very first OC ever created. I wanted to try another color image just to practice with. To be honest, I am not sure I did a very good job here and that's just me being honest. I wanted her to look cute, relaxed, and offer some banter against her creator as well. I felt I could have done better in B&W but, again, I wanted to push my boundaries on this one. I hope you'll see that I've tried.

Either way, this is me just saying have a wonderful and safe summer moving forward and please enjoy!
Sat, May 27, 2017
Source: That guy known as Dio
After some discussion with other MIRAGE members, I tossed together an affordable and functional drone outfit that people could try.

-White spandex zentai
-Black spandex gloved/hooded leotard
-triple D-ring collar
-zipped corset
-High heeled short boots
Sat, May 27, 2017
Source: Student of Rubber

Susan laid in the trunk of the black car for about an hour. It felt like days, however. The rolls of tape used on her completely immobilized her. She also could not talk or yell or utter anything intelligible for that matter.

She felt the car come to a stop. The trunk lid opened and she was forced out by the two men who kidnapped her. She was then tossed into a shallow grave dug especially for her and landed with a thud. She tried to survey the area. Its was dark and alone, save for her abductors. Next to them was a mound of dirt with a shovel planted into it. She panicked as she put two and two together. They were planning on burying her here!

With tears streaming down her eyes, she made a last plea towards them. "Plmhfm dhn't dh thnf!"

The closest responded with smirk. "We're about 1000 miles outside Appletree. Trust me, no one knows where you are..."

Susan tried to stay strong but visibly and audibly, her fear and desperation is coming through. sniff "hmmmmmmph..."

"Hmmm? What's that? SURE, we'll bury the hatchet. RIGHT AFTER WE BURY YOU!!!"

Susan thrashed around now, trying to free herself. "HMLP!!!!!!!!!"

As one of the kidnappers continued talking, the other took hold of the nearby shovel and began to push the blade into the mound of dirt. "Remember, it's nothing personal huehuehue..."


Is this it for Susan? Will she escape? Will someone come help her? Only your imagination will know...or I come out with a part 4. We'll see!

I know this is ominous, but with actions come consequences! And I wanted an excuse to mummify her Please enjoy!
Sat, May 27, 2017
Source: That guy known as Dio
hi everybody! I am recovering from my illness, and going back to work slowly (yeah, commissioners, you will have news as soon as I have pages ready as my total satisfaction, to give you the best I can do); here is my latest work, the cover for the Bondage Clinic book, soon to be released, an unpublished old story (you just saw a bunch of pages here), a work done with the collaboration of my friend Queospera (who did the lettering and translation to english) and my beloved Tania (who is doing the rest to make it possible to publish the book as I have no idea yet!) so, stay tuned and thanks for your patience and good wishes for my complete recovery! see you!
Sat, May 27, 2017
Source: Osvaldo Greco
A commission for

Gwen Tennyson (I believe from the "omniverse" version of Ben 10? ) and The Concierge from "The Awesomes" in a spot of trouble.
Sat, May 27, 2017
Source: Yes I Did