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woodframe vacbed
This week, I just built a special vacbed with some wood taken from a local hardware store. It cost me about $80 and looks like this:[attachment=15699]

You can see here some parts with more details:

Just like an industrial vac moulding table!!
Hey I finally tried it, look at the result Smile


The feeling was really great ! And the plastic is quite easy to tear !
What type of plastic sheeting is it that you are using?
Fascinating design - I am very interested in the details, can you explain more please?
  • How do you seal yourself inside the plastic?
  • What is the purpose of the ‘channel’ on the left-hand side?
  • How is the vacuum connected?
  • What ‘thickness’ of plastic sheet do you use?
  • How do you breathe inside the vacuum?
  • How long have you stayed inside your vacuum bed?
Great stuff

Well, lets answer Madjack's questions:

-I seal myself with a homemade "door frame". The lid is connected with two hinges, and I put the plastic sheet between me, laying on the perforated board, and the door frame edges that maintain the plastic against the board...
-The channel is made to avoid the plastic being wrongly spread. By clearing the hinges from the suction zona, I am sure that when I close the door, all the plastic around me is al least 20 cm out !
-The vacuum is connected at the corner. The bottom is leakproof; the only air transfer is under me, by the small perforated holes.
-I don't know exactly the thickness of the plastic, but it is about the same than cheap garbage bags. It is easy to tear.
-I breathe by a small perforated hole I do with my finger !
-I tried it for about 5 minutes, and at the end, I felt as good as the beginning (or better !) I find this... relaxing !

If you have some more questions, or even suggestions for my next sessions, don't hesitate guys

These images seem perfect for @vacuum_experiments set-up

tumblr_nj3hpm0WjE1raypbzo1_400.gif thumbnail    tumblr_nl8gtllFGF1ts9k3wo1_500.gif thumbnail    tumblr_nl8gtllFGF1ts9k3wo2_500.gif thumbnail    - all animated

Two look to use a very similar technique as in this thread - but very obviously NOT SAFE FOR SELF-BONDAGE!

Why can't we breath through plastic.... Sad
Great GIFs ! I love it !

I've been trying my vacbed for many times and it is still as much exciting ! But doing it with breathplay... not sure !
(26 Oct 2015, 18:12 )vacuum_experiments Wrote: Great GIFs !  I love it !

I've been trying my vacbed for many times and it is still as much exciting  ! But doing it with breathplay... not sure !

Don't do it, don't even think about doing it... be sure that that way lies disaster and doom for any solo player. Scare3

I know you wouldn't, but there are some who might and it needs to be clearly stated that life it too short to shorten it further.