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new, inexperienced and eager
Hi all, I have been into sb, cd and various other fetish's for some time now, but i have only recently started to communicate with other people within this lifestyle. I feels soooooo gud to be able to talk to other people, Finally!!!! I guess i'm here as i have been looking for somewhere to talk and learn ideas and techniques. i have had a look round your site and it is stupendous! I'm still young at 26 and am a bit nervous so any advice or ideas on what i do next would be great, maybe even some private humiliation or task to get me used to it. I have included some pictures to get me out of my comfort zone, it's my first time attempting to photograph myself whilst in sb, so i apologise for the crudeness.
it good to be here
cindy x

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Hi and welcome!

Probably this post needs to go into the self-bondage -> general forum, not fetish -> general.

NP, will move the thread.

And do not be nervous! Wink