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looking for locking latex/leather dress..
A couple of years ago i had contact with this girl who had a dress of leather/latex/rubber that i really love..

The zipper goes from the top to the bottom and every so often there's a lock.. at the bottom the zipper is also locked down.

otherwise it's a pretty straightforward dress, i think it was ankle length, pretty tight, she could'nt kneel down enough to unlock herself. but that also might be a size issue.
But with no way to get out.. i know a dutch store sold this dress but back then i didn't have a car to get there nor the money to buy it and now i do.. but now to find the dress....

here's the only picture of it i got..
anybody has any hints tips help whatever that might point me to it?
even another forum where i can ask it might help.

I think you can ask in the Rubberists forum. To view this link you need to register, though:

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