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hurt by too big toys
have you ever hurt yourself by using a toy? Wound skin from to strong vibratons or cracks from to big plugs or dildos. This is what happend to me, two weeks ago. I used a big stainless steal metall plug. It is 47mm diameter. 
I used it several times before and never had a problem. This time it hurted a litle more inserting it but i didn't mind and during the Session it fellt normal. But when i went to toilet the next morning i fellt the result. Since than i have a smal thrombosis on my sphincter for two weeks know and i hope it will heal by itself. It doesn't hurt and i am not incontinent but i am not shure if i shall go to a doctor now. 

Did something like that happen to you too? 

I just want to warn you, to be careful with big toys. If you are horny, you may think:" No problem! I can take it. But afterwards you may get a problems like me!"
the worst thing is, i don't dare to use my smaler estim plug since then. I realy like the feel of wearing it during a session. But i am scared to make it worse now.
Yeah, let it heal. I had similar problem.
Make love to yourself before you go crazy.
Sounds like you have a hemorrhoid problem. It was aeady there. Inserting the toy made you aware of it.
yea have had similar issues.. mainly with a doc johnson Large plug... ~50mm
sometimes its gone in ok, others ive forced it a bit too quick and ive had the odd spot of blood and a small cut thats irritating for 3-4 days.
Just keep it clean and it will be fine in a week.
And do not use toilet paper. Use shower instead.
just want to tell you, that my ass is the old one again. Blush
It took about 5 weeks heal completely. I am sure it came from the overstretching and had nothing to do with haemorrhoids. This was really a warning for me to be careful with big toys. It was a little weird to tell you about my ass problems, but I just wanted to warn you to be careful!
(11 Aug 2020, 19:13 )Vacbedbound Wrote: It took about 5 weeks heal completely.
.. wow ... But "better late, than never" 😉

(11 Aug 2020, 19:13 )Vacbedbound Wrote: be careful with big toys.
Yep. The difference between 6cm (diameter) and 6.5cm seems insignificant, but let's check the circumference: 18.84(!) vs 20.41(!!) That means, the skin has to be pulled by 1.57cm(!!!) extra!!! And it aeady outstretched to a whopping ~19cm!

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