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Sizing your Anal Toys..
I was watching a vid on youtube the other day ..


It mentions how to pick the right size toy for pegging by trying to match it to the size of your typical "bowel Movements"
eg Big Log.... bigger toy, skinny little wippys  ... smaller dildo..

So this led me to think... 
These people who have become advanced players and can now regularly take very large objects, does the body use the space for its "processes"

IE if you can get a wine bottle up there... do you have stools that are 10cm across??

I suspect not.. but it sire got me thinking!! 😋
I think, you can not "train" your asshole to take bigger Toys, with a lasting effect.
In my expirience the only way is to strech your butt realy slowly and careful by using growing sizes of toys. But next time, you do anal play, you have to start all over again. I mean you will hurt youself if you directly try to insert your 50mm horse dildo. But if you start with a smal one and leave it in for a fiew minutes and than insert a bigger one and leave it in for several minutes until you feel confortable with it, you may insert your 50mm Hores dildo, without hurting yourself with it. An easy way to do this i using an inflatable Dildo. Insert it smal and just give it a pump every fiew minutes.
Just be warned: You can hurt youself, faster than you think, by using big toys without pre streching, and it can take long time to heal. Or worse, it can make you become anal incontinent.
So just be careful!
Cork your butt up and wait for a week, then "it" will take all the available space 😁
See, this is why I prefer inflatable ones. You can slide a small thing in and then get the fullness of a huge one.
(18 Oct 2020, 14:44 )Like Ra Wrote: Cork your butt up and wait for a week, then "it" will take all the available space 😁


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