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Poll: Can you be forced to orgasm?
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yes, you can
21 95.45%
no, you can't
1 4.55%
Total 22 vote(s) 100%
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forced orgasm
Do you believe you can be forced to orgasm? You really do not want to orgasm, because whetever reason it might be; somehow the other person forces you to come.
I think I remember something saod about that in psychology: when woman get raped, they feel some pleasure from the clitoral stimulation but they really don't want to.
What is your opinion?
I fantasized about it long time ago, I'll post the story in the story section (sexion?).
The orgasm itself is, imho, merely a chemo-physical reaction to stimulation of nerves. The body responds as it does.
Having fun (lust, satisfaction, horniness, eroticism, you name it) is between the ears. It is, again imho, how we tell ourselves what we enjoy. Ofcourse this will enhance the arousal, which makes orgasm easier / nicer / more desirable. But I think that orgasm is very well possible without actually enjoying it or wanting it, because it is just physical.
And it all depends on the stimulation. What's between the ears can speed up or slow down the result.