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clothing security tags
I realized that security tags that stores clip lock) onto clothing as an anti-theft device should be easily pervertible. They are perfect for binding two layers of clothing together. Or maybe a piece of clothing and a thin strap. And some types even have a built in ink sack that will spill if you break it off without the key! Perfect as as a backup release.

I see that they can be purchased online along with a key for release. Has anyone played around with them?

I'm sure there are lots of great things you could do. They seem to have thick needles that can pierce clothing without sewing a buttonhole. So you could lock pants on at the waist, bind webbing cuffs to a strap, and other neat things. Almost like a segufix lock.
Good idea....
You could fix the release key at one end of a wall, and secure yourself at another location with an ice release.
Can fully be free until you've made the journey.

Only issue could be the big nails they use... Bit sharp if you slip while releasing.
This is a really interesting concept - I too would like to hear from anyone who's tried this in a self-bondage scenario

my primary questions are:

- how can you incorporate the 'tag' into your bondage?
- will it be strong enough to hold you in bondage? (I think this is probably not an issue, but is an obvious element)
- can the release be 100% certain (always a must for self-bondage)

Great thread, let's see where it goes Big Grin