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blindfolded, bound, and gagged in the woods coldwater torture
Did the cold water torture this morning. Only made it 24 minutes, Basically I get bound up in the woods when it cold in the mornings(39 this morning) wet my self down, bind myself up and let the drip systems drip cold water down my legs. 39 Degrees outside, with a little breeze, and 39 degree water it doesn’t take long for the legs to go numb and give out. You can see the 5 gallon bucket and the black drip hoses tucked into my pantyhose. I use 6 hoses around the waist so the water flows evenly. The 5 gallons will last about 50 minutes but I’ve never made it that long. As the legs give out you start putting your weight on the ropes and they get tighter around the thighs. You need to be careful because the pain caused by the ropes is masked by the cold water and numbness in your legs. You must have a quick release. If your into pain you will love this since the pain stays in your legs for a day or two. Give it a try………..
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Carefull, That will get you into a lot of troble doing that.
(18 Nov 2012, 00:16 )Tinker D Wrote: Carefull, That will get you into a lot of troble doing that.

yep, I don't lock my hands I just use some spring clips that release quickly, so the game is how long can you take it rather than how do I get out.

Seems everyone on the list plays the game "how do I get out" I just perfer the pain game.

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