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blindfolded, bound, gagged in the woods, ice torture, No pain no gain.
Decided to double down on the cold water torture this morning since it will be my last play session for a while. Added a more difficult release on the hands, since my last one was very simple. I needed some thing that would take 3-5 minutes just in case I was losing my legs and the ability to stand. Just a simple lock and tape. I did several trial runs until I have the right amount of tape and the fall back was a key on a long string that you would have to work with your hands to get to the end. I could do it in 5 minutes or so. That’s taking a chance in the woods since you never know what might happen.
The Double down on pain: Cold water drip system the same, changed out the boots with 4 1/2 heels for a pair of 5 ½ stilettos. Nothing like a good pair of stiletto to cause some discomfort. Is it interesting that stilettos feel great for a little while when you first put them on and then all of a sudden you start to feel the discomfort and for me after about an hour they down right hurt. Anyone else go thru the same feeling? Next needed to add some ice, a 2 liter block of ice, with a rope thru it. Check out the pictures to see how I use it . Next some leg irons, I love leg irons. They can give you just the right amount of movement and with a simple clip they and be very restricted. I used a clip because I didn’t want my legs to have that much freedom that the leg irons provide. After all I’m going for pain.
Had few problems, got everything ready to go and almost forgot to change out the boots for stilettos. I run around white boots whenever I can. Then a few ropes issures I finally got it all together. Interesting at the end I normally get the water turn off as fast as I can but this time I went for the ice and the stilettos. What is normally the most pain full was secondary this time. You can see I also was barely about to stand once the arms were not long hold some of my weight.
Anyway put it all together in the woods and I had fun for 50 minutes or so. Enjoy the pictures.
I’ll post the video of it if someone asks for it. Not sure how much pain people like to see.

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