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Wimbledon and tennis clothes
With the start of the Wimbledon tennis tournaments almost upon us Negative Boredom let's remember Anne White who (twenty-five years ago this year) finished warming up in her match against Pam Shriver and took off her track suit to reveal this:

_39238573_annewhite1985.jpg thumbnail    anne-white.jpg thumbnail    awhiteDM2706_468x835.jpg thumbnail    white01_lg_01.jpg thumbnail    _45092678_annewhite_220.jpg thumbnail   

The next day she was told to wear something more 'appropriate'. I suspect the All England Club officials of the time would have had heart attacks had they seen Serena William's magnificent outfit:

swilliams1.gif thumbnail    4060823322_f8fb3a63ca.jpg thumbnail    3269679467_61cb7f9233.jpg thumbnail    960958321_ecf97b3de6_o.jpg thumbnail    serena.jpg thumbnail    030903serena2.jpg thumbnail   

Incidentally, these two outfits come respectively first and second in this 'worst tennis clothing of all time' video, which I think is most unfair. I'd certainly take a lot more interest in tennis if the women all dressed like that. The interesting bit starts at 2:05
[my-youtube width=425 height=344][/my-youtube]

Edit, a few more pics of Serena added.
That reminds me this article I wrote about figure skating. Same "more appropriate" ;-)

From what I remember, originally, the "tennis suit" included stockings. Skirts were longer to cover the garters. It's the invention of tights what made wearing short skirts possible.

Need to find references...
I'm not sure whether these belong in this thread or not but these pics of Serena in Hawaii are too good not to post. If she ever wants a new career Ms Williams would make the most glorious dominatrix ever. I'd certainly do whatever she told me to...(my imagination's working overtime Blush )

Serena_Williams_Surfing_in_Hawaii_01.jpg thumbnail    Serena_Williams_Surfing_in_Hawaii_02.jpg thumbnail    Serena_Williams_Surfing_in_Hawaii_03.jpg thumbnail    Serena_Williams_Surfing_in_Hawaii_05.jpg thumbnail    Serena_Williams_Surfing_in_Hawaii_07.jpg thumbnail    Serena_Williams_Surfing_in_Hawaii_08.jpg thumbnail    Serena_Williams_Surfing_in_Hawaii_09.jpg thumbnail    Serena_Williams_Surfing_in_Hawaii_10.jpg thumbnail    Serena_Williams_Surfing_in_Hawaii_18.jpg thumbnail    Serena_Williams_Surfing_in_Hawaii_16.jpg thumbnail    Serena_Williams_Surfing_in_Hawaii_14.jpg thumbnail    Serena_Williams_Surfing_in_Hawaii_13.jpg thumbnail    Serena_Williams_Surfing_in_Hawaii_12.jpg thumbnail    Serena_Williams_Surfing_in_Hawaii_11.jpg thumbnail   

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